How Rivet Health Law Gets Paid within 24 Hours

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Rivet Health Law Customer Case Study

Rivet Health Law

  • 2020

    Year Founded
  • Solo

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  • 2020

    Started Using Clio
  • North Shores, La Salle Township, Michigan, USA

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  • Health

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Prior to becoming a lawyer, Joseph Rivet, founder of Rivet Health Law, worked in healthcare operations. Now, he leverages over 20+ years of healthcare operations experience as a solo practitioner to work with clients on health law matters and serves as an arbitrator through the American Health Law Association.

But as every solo practitioner knows: As you grow, you take on more clients. More clients means more client intake, transactions, and data entry. Suddenly, time is a precious, and rare, commodity.

Rivet needed a solution that would help him be more efficient. Read on to learn how Clio supports Rivet Health Law with its goals.

How Clio became a time saver for Rivet Health Law

Before implementing Clio, Rivet Health Law had trouble with time management.

“When you’re starting out, and have a small client base, you can create documents and use Excel for time entry. But as you grow and have more transactions, it’s not efficient to do it that way.”

Rivet needed something that would help streamline processes and capture key information more efficiently, specifically around client intake, billing and documentation.

“Clio helps from a workflow perspective. Before that it was more of a manual process that wasn’t practical or sustainable. With Clio, the client, or potential client, can put in their information directly, which then feeds right into your form or template letter. Then, it can automatically go out for signature. Plus, everything is backed up so you won’t have an ethical issue if you have something on your local drive and it were to crash.”

Clio helped Rivet get out of the tedious, multiple small tasks that were eating up time. Having one place to house all of his client’s information as well as the ability to manage his entire practice in one solution has streamlined his workflows and processes. One of the features Rivet can’t live without is the ability to automate documents.

“There are other ways to electronically have documents signed, but then you need to save it, and put it into a file. With Clio, everything is automated; it’s signed, you get notified when it’s signed, and it’s automatically dropped into that client’s file, which is hugely helpful.”

And in terms of change management and setup? For any legal professional, time is valuable, and in a fast-paced environment with tight deadlines, any new solution needs to be implemented without disruption. According to Rivet, who is not a tech-savvy person, implementing Clio was easy: “Very, very easy.”

“It’s a huge time-saver. Clio helps you figure out the amount of time you’re spending on tasks. You can be on calls or in meetings and track your time immediately. If you have multiple matters, it collapses it into a bill that your clients can easily pay. It’s all right there for you. You can manage your productivity. It’s a nice practice management tool.”

How Clio Helps Get Paid Faster

Rivet also moved over from LawPay to Clio Payments, to have everything housed together, a move that has made it easier for his clients to pay and has increased their ability to pay. Since moving to Clio Payments, Rivet has noticed his clients typically pay their bills within 24 hours.

“On average, 80% of my payments are paid within 24 hours of sending the bill. My clients can just click a button and pay. It mimics what society is used to paying a bill; easy, secure, immediate, and done.”

“Things I would have never thought of, Clio has thought of.”

When asked what he’d tell a colleague considering Clio, Rivet said he would encourage them to use a tool like Clio.

“One of the misconceptions is that platforms such as Clio are cost prohibitive. That is actually not true. It’s very much affordable. There’s definitely ROI in it because you’re gaining the ability to manage your practice.”

He also identified how Clio automates and streamlines all the small, laborious tasks that come with running a law firm.

“Clio has all the tools you need to run a practice—budgeting, forecasting, managing client matters, how you set up client matters. Things that I would have never thought of, Clio has thought of. It makes what we do easier, for sure.”

What does the future look like for Rivet Health Law?

Having the ability to receive payments instantly and streamline workflows means that Rivet can get to doing what he set out to do: Helping his clients.

“I’m incredibly proud that I have the privilege to practice law and to provide outstanding services to clients. To really be supported with different technologies such as Clio to really help make that happen. It’s not a singular approach.”

Rivet plans to continue growing his law firm, and is confident that Clio will help his firm grow, keep his data secure and help him continue to improve overall efficiencies.

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