We'll let our customers do the talking

From improvements in their client service to our own customer support, our customers are singing praises of Clio—how it helps them build better practices and achieve their goals.

Avery Law

London-based Avery Law wins more clients as a boutique city law firm with Clio

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The Law Society is delighted to be endorsing Clio and their completely cloud-based case management software. We identified Clio as a supplier which suits our members’ needs, especially as business efficiency is central to performance.

Simon Drane


Law Society of England and Wales

Roche Legal

English Sole Practitioner of the Year, Rachel Roche, uses Clio to fuel her success

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My firm started with Clio just over a year ago. The transfer process was well executed and caused minimum delay and fuss. The staff at Clio were excellent, going out of their way to provide training and resources to bring everyone up to speed quickly. We continue to utilise and explore the many Clio features which bring added value and time saving to our business.

Greg Ryan (DSBA President).

Greg Ryan


Greg Ryan Solicitors, Dublin

Edmans & Co

Brothers and Immigration solicitors, David and Emil, change lives with Clio

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We are delighted that Clio has joined our Members’ Benefit Scheme offering a practice management system tailored for legal practices. Having efficient IT processes is central to business performance and Clio’s cloud-based solution can help firms deliver these.

Charlotta Cederqvist


Law Society of Scotland

Honestly, I can show up to court with just a phone. That’s all I need as a Criminal Lawyer.

Kevin Vela and Radney Wood

Vela Wood

See how Vela Wood leverages the power of Clio and the cloud to work from anywhere.

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I try to be responsive to clients. The beautiful thing about Clio’s app is that I can record time on the fly and it’s not cumbersome.

Emma Reid and Cathy Donald

Ergo Law

See how these Scottish lawyers confidently started their own practice with Clio.

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Clio’s intelligently engineered new app works with you to manage your practice rather than against you (as some apps do). There is no learning curve—install it and get to work.

ASA Law group

See how ASA Law group runs a holistic law practice with Clio.

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Clio's greatest strength is its flexibility. I don’t just mean that it’s adaptable to a law firm’s own way of working (although it is), but rather that just about every aspect of Clio is flexible. From ease of use, functionality and adaptability, to multi-platform availability, access-from-anywhere cloud technology, and smartphone apps, with client access thrown in for good measure, Clio is a highly flexible and secure solution for law firms.

Stephen Pearne


Pearne & Co

I am very happy with the Clio software which enables me to run my legal practice efficiently and effectively. The customer service from Clio is exceptional which means that I can always get the help I need to learn new aspects of the software and continually improve my client care. The Clio team is approachable, knowledgeable, professional and reliable - which is exactly what my business requires.

Katie Beckett


The Notary Solution

Clio has changed our business from the outset. We are managing time better and all our tasks flow seamlessly. I researched before we committed and I am only too delighted to recommend them. I believe often it’s the support service that makes or breaks a solution and the Clio Team are simply exceptional.

Duncan Sims


Lawbrook Grace LLP

Quite simply, Clio makes my life easier! Information is easy to input and access and I can see at a glance how my firm is performing.

Maria O'Donovan


Maria O'Donovan & Co Solicitors

I chose Clio primarily because it’s in the cloud and therefore accessible from anywhere and secure. I also particularly liked the look of the interface, it’s fresh and modern. It also integrates with programs that I already use, such as Dropbox and Xero for accounting. Clio also seems to be continually working on improving their systems and integrations, unlike some more dated, locally hosted systems. There are also various forums and people talking about Clio online and sharing their know-how. I get the impression that Clio is an ambitious business which is how I like to see my own firm, and I like that.

Rachel Roche


Roche Legal

Clio is an easy-to-use product even for non-tech savvy lawyers and staff. The on-demand educational tools are excellent and the customer support is the best I've encountered in dealing with online providers. Clio has saved me a great deal of time and aggravation in practice management, making the practice of law more enjoyable.

Doug Foote


Sparkman + Foote LLP

The most impressive aspect to us is the high level of customer service. Clio picks up the phone and will set up private trainings to help customize the system. We were very impressed by this.

Eric Coakley


Coakley Krol, LLC

Clio has exceptional, prompt, and clear customer service. We could not run our practice without the incredible practice management offered by Clio.

Matthew Tuller


The Law Office of Matthew J. Tuller

If you are using something other than Clio to manage your law practice, you're doing it wrong.

Dan Hobart


Attorney at The Law Offices of Daniel S. Hobart, LLC

After evaluating several different practice management systems, our firm started working with Clio. Clio has been a great asset for our firm. It is easy to use for our less tech-savvy users and has a lot of goodies for those that really want to dig deeper into the system. Clio keeps us organized and helps us to communicate better with each other and our clients. Clio listens to us, too. Clio keeps adding useful integrations and makes changes based on our needs. We are thankful to have Clio as a business partner!

Christine Cooper


Kendo, Alexander, Cooper & Engel LLP

Clio took our firm into a new age of practice management and we feel like a new firm. We communicate better with our clients, we lose fewer billable hours, we save time on routine workflow processes, and we can work on-the-go, which is important for firms with lawyers who waste countless hours waiting around courthouses. Our waste was cut by 75% within 1 month. We have more time to concentrate on legal work, as opposed to processing routine tasks. Because of the web-based platform with easy-to-understand navigation, training staff and attorneys to use the application was no trouble. In fact, it immediately involved all our people in offering suggestions to improve workflow processes, and standardize firm practices and policies leading to greater efficiency.

Clinton J. Hubbell


Hubbell DuVall PLLC

The practice management software I used to use drove me crazy. Customer service was terrible, you had to pay for updates every year, you couldn't input data on the fly, etc... When my friend told me about Clio, I was skeptical. I am glad that I overcame my initial skepticism and gave Clio a try. I have never looked back and I can't say enough about the progressive and innovative work that Clio does to make its platform accessible, keep its clients (i.e. lawyers) happy, and help lawyers to interact with their clients in real time and in an efficient manner. I would highly recommend Clio to any lawyer or law firm who is serious about revolutionizing the way they manage their practice.

Ron Franklin


Franklin Law

Clio has been a wonderful tool for the launch and management of my new practice. Having come from a large law firm environment to start a small boutique practice, I needed a technology solution that was cloud-based and efficient for the administrative side of the business. Clio has been exactly what I needed for the efficient maintenance of contact, timekeeping and billing.

William Barrett


Barrett Law Offices, PLLC

We love Clio! It’s easy to use, constantly being improved upon and affordable. We switched more than a year ago but, it has been one of the best decisions that we have made. Clio has transformed the firm. We have a satellite office in a different state and have a home office that does all of the billing and account management. With constant travel and our unique dynamic Clio has given us the tools we needed to truly grow our business!

Alicia Ivory


The Smith Firm

Clio has been a very useful law practice management tool for us with its ease of use, clean interface, affordable pricing, and prompt and effective customer support. It has been an effective cloud-based system allowing access to our database even from remote Alaskan villages.

DanaLyn Dalrymple


Dalrymple Law, P.C.

Clio is an answered prayer. It has increased my organization and productivity substantially. There really is a 'Clioday' as it saves me that much time. Where billing used to be a most-of-the-day affair, I get it all done in just over an hour. I don't need nearly as much administrative help since Clio creates a virtual file as you work.

Nancy Stabell


Wood Stabell Law Group

When I decided to take my law practice full-time a friend referred me to Clio. My practice took off and I never looked back. It has everything I need to manage my practice in the office or on the go. The customized billing for each client makes sure I never have to lose a client or have a disputed bill. The trust account tracking is indispensable and the partnership with third parties such as Dropbox and Xero makes Clio my everything!

Alexis Hart McDowell


The Law Office of Alexis Hart McDowell

Clio has revolutionized the way I practice law. We've been able to grow significantly and take a much larger share of the market, and without the added efficiency and integration of Clio that never would have happened.

Dan Crowe


The Crowe Law Office, PS

Clio has become one of the pillars of our practice. It allows us to focus on what we want to do: representing our clients as best we can.

Brian Monaghan


Monaghan Safar Ducham, PLLC

Clio probably isn't actually magic, but it might be close. It centralized all of our small firm's management into one piece of intuitive software, making the business of our law practice.

Chad Snyder


Rubric Legal LLC

Clio is a user-friendly and cost-effective law firm management tool ideal for the small firm. Whether utilized for document management, calendaring events, keeping time, accounting or client billing, Clio is the engine that makes our small firm run.

Michael J. Hinkle


Timmerman, Beaulieu, Hinkle & Esworthy, LLC

Clio provides the premier law practice management solution. It saves time for you and money for your clients by allowing you to bill faster with customizable forms, track time easily, give clients a 24/7 view of their files, and communicate securely with your clients. Investing in law practice management software will allow you to differentiate your service from your competitors.

Matthew Kezhaya


Kezhaya Law PLLC

Clio is a wonderful product. I have been a paralegal for almost 25 years and have used all kinds of software. This product is easy to use, difficult to mess up, easy to train others on, and makes our practice run smoothly. We have a statewide practice and it helps so much to know who's doing what, where they are going on the firm calendar. Worth the investment and the price is great too! We love it.

Sarah Twyford


The Dann Law Firm

Clio has helped our firm better manage our cases (big picture down to specific tasks), our contacts, and our calendar. We can also better serve our clients by easily giving them secure access to their cases through Clio Connect. This helps them feel more involved, as opposed to always wondering what their lawyers are doing.