On-Demand Webinar

Preparing Students for the New Tech-Driven Legal Industry: How Modern Law Firms Use Clio and Gavel

Learn the best of modern law practice technology.


Set your students up for successful legal careers with Clio’s Academic Access Program and Gavel’s integrated document automation.

Gone are the days of on-premise systems that require constant upkeep. Today, more firms than ever are adapting to remote working. Your next generation of legal professionals should adapt too.  

Take the time to learn about Clio and Gavel, for all your practical legal training needs. 

Watch the recording of this webinar to discover the benefits of Clio’s Academic Access Program and Gavel’s Academic Program, and how they go hand-in-hand in training the most tech-savvy lawyer or paralegal. 

In this session you’ll learn:

  • Common Clio workflows and how schools use Clio’s Academic Access Program (CAAP)
  • The advantages of Gavel and how it can contribute to firm efficiency
  • The integration between Clio and Gavel, and how they work hand-in-hand for a streamlined firm and client experience

Duration: 60 minutes

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Brittany Hernandez

Global Ambassador to Law Schools


Brittany Hernandez is a lawyer, legal tech developer and educator, and the Global Ambassador to Law Schools for Gavel. Prior to becoming a lawyer, Brittany served on active duty in the US Coast Guard in Puerto Rico and Alaska. After practicing IP law and representing clients in the entertainment industry, she shifted her focus to how innovations in tech can be used to create solutions for both clients and lawyers after she invented the design and business model for an app that empowers film students and early-career filmmakers to access legal counsel fast and free while still paying lawyers at a competitive rate during her MA in International Film Business program in the UK. After graduating with distinction, she worked in Business Development for a legal tech startup and as a Gavel Expert. She later founded Cor Meum Academy, which enables students to get certified in no-code tools like Gavel and GoFullPage and provides instruction in Softr, Airtable, Zapier, Notion, and more.


Jeremy Fernandes

Community Partnerships Manager


Jeremy is the Community Partnerships Manager at Clio. He is responsible for delivering an exceptional experience for schools utilizing Clio’s Academic Access Program, from assisting with procurement, implementation, and providing resources and best practices to instructors and students who wish to utilize Clio’s cloud-based systems in legal education. He also oversees Clio’s Incubator Program, which supports new legal professionals embarking on their careers within a state or school run incubator program devoted to bridging the access to justice gap in local communities.