How to Maximize Scalability as a New Law Firm

Ensure your firm is built to last

Learn how to achieve sustainable growth and success at your new firm—without succumbing to burnout.

Looking to scale your own firm? As you embark on this exciting journey, it’s normal to struggle with balancing different tasks, handling busy schedules, and working within time limits.

To successfully establish and scale your practice, you need systems and processes that empower you to work smarter, not harder.

Watch this three-part special-edition webinar, where we’ll unlock the secrets to setting up your firm for long-term success. Gain valuable insights on streamlining internal processes, creating a compelling brand that attracts clients, and building a robust infrastructure with the right technology.

Audience: Intended for newer law firms looking to scale their operations and prepare for long term success
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Part 1 – Master internal processes [60 minutes] [CLE-eligible]

Discover how to harness tools and implement internal systems that drive success and set your firm up for the long term.

Headshots Amy Grubb

Amy Grubb


Amy practiced in Big Law for many years and built her own successful solo practice. Her passion for owning and operating a law firm led her to open a consulting practice focused on supporting solo/small lawyers. She is now a Business Coach at Lawyerist where she helps lawyers build more profitable and enjoyable practices.


Part 2 – Build a brand that clients can trust [30 minutes]

Uncover expert strategies for creating a compelling brand, attracting clients, and generating new opportunities.

Steve Vondran


Steve Vondran has been practicing law since 2004 and focuses on on civil litigation relating to intellectual property and internet disputes. He started his law firm, Vondran Legal®, and focused on real estate law during the financial meltdown. He later switched gears into his true love–intellectual property law–and built his firm, from scratch, using social media to build his practice. Through social media, including his popular YouTube channel, he generates approximately 10-20 new leads per day.

Part 3 [30 minute] Enhance efficiency and growth potential with Clio

See how Clio’s features can optimize operations and set your firm up for success.

Amy Willms

Account executive, Clio

Amy Willms is an Account Executive at Clio, working with legal professionals from small and mid-size firms to drive customer-centric solutions. With a strong background in onboarding and consulting she is dedicated to enhancing the user experience while optimizing legal workflows.