How I Started My Own Law Firm Right After Law School

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“Starting a law firm is not for the faint of heart. Doing it right out of law school is downright insane (at least that’s what the naysayers would have you believe). But I did it in a difficult economy with a delayed fee structure (contingency fees) and my practice is thriving. If you want to start your own firm, you can do it —and I’m going to tell you how.”

– Branigan Robertson

Directly after graduating from law school, attorney Branigan Robertson struck out on his own. With no formal business experience and possessing little more than a JD and an entrepreneurial spirit, he was able to start a thriving firm.

Drawing on his own experiences, Branigan will explain in seven simple steps how you can start your own firm —even if you have mountains of debt, a growing family, a low GPA, or a dwindling bank account. Get your copy and start planning for your own firm today!

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