With Clio, your brain can focus on what it does best. Practice law.

Clio helps lawyers build a better practice.

Clio is the world’s leading, cloud-based legal practice management software, helping thousands of lawyers across the globe maximize the potential of their busy and growing firms.

Lawyers are busy. Their brains can easily get distracted with scheduling issues and all the ins-and-outs of running their practice. When a legal brain gets cluttered with documents and time sheets, it’s time to act fast. You need a dose of Clio, the cloud-based system that manages a lawyer’s day-to-day operations.

Clio handles your cases, billing, appointments, accounting — everything you need to run your practice. Clio makes it easy to share documents, collaborate, stay on schedule, track time and even bill across different platforms and locations. Plus, the transition into it is simple.

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