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How Spetsas Buist PLLC doubled—and spends 50% less time managing records—with Clio

Learn how Orlando personal injury law firm Spetsas Buist uses Clio’s legal software for Personal Injury firms to stay organized, work efficiently, and grow.

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How the Legal Aid Society of Story County increased capacity by 15% with Clio for Legal Aid and Served 32 Additional Cases

Learn how the Legal Aid Society of Story County uses Clio to improve efficiency and their processes—and how this unlocks more time to focus…

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Highlights from the 2024 Legal Trends for Solo and Small Law Firms Report

Did you know that solo and small firms using online payments get paid more than twice as fast? Explore the latest insights for mid-sized…

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Why Your Law Firm Should Embrace Change and Migrate to Clio This Summer

Embracing a comprehensive platform like Clio can revolutionize the way your firm operates, especially when you choose the optimal time for migration—summer.

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Book a Clio Demo for your chance to win awesome prizes this summer!

What is an E-discovery Lawyer?

Unlock the secrets of e-discovery lawyers! Learn how they manage digital evidence and navigate complex legal tech to win cases.

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The Best Law Firms in America

Discover the best law firms in America known for their reputation, size, and impact—as well as the key factors that set them apart.

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