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3 Steps to Planning a Stress-free Summer Vacation as a Lawyer

Leaving a law firm is never easy. But if you feel it’s time to move on to a new chapter in your career, learn…

Article 6 min.
Clio Resource

Brian Cuban on Vulnerability and Lifting the Mental Illness Stigma

How can struggling legal professionals start their recovery journeys? How can the industry lift the mental illness stigma? Attorney and bestselling author Brian Cuban…

Article 5 min.
Brian Cuban on vulnerability and mental health

Not a Hoax, Not a Myth: Lawyer Happiness Is Possible

Is true lawyer happiness possible? Learn how to stay happy and successful as a lawyer.

Article 6 min.
lawyer happiness

Lawyer Depression: Recognizing the Signs and Dealing With It

Nearly 1 in 3 lawyers struggle with depression: Read this post to learn about the symptoms, how to deal with them, and where to…

Article 12 min.
lawyer depression

Why Being a Lawyer Is Stressful & 7 Tips to Manage Lawyer Stress

Why is being a lawyer stressful? While you can’t avoid it entirely, how can you manage it to avoid insomnia, burnout, and anxiety? Learn…

Article 9 min.
lawyer stress

How to Find A Way Out of Paralegal Burnout

Is there a way out of paralegal burnout and the notoriously long hours, high-stakes and stressful work? Learn how to manage paralegal burnout, including…

Article 10 min.
paralegal burnout

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