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Rules of Evidence Cheat Sheet

Take your courtroom tactics and strategies to the next level with our handy rules of evidence cheat sheet (with examples)!

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A lawyer fending off deposition objection speech bubbles.

What Does a Court Clerk Do?

Discover what it takes to become a court clerk, the educational requirements, and the job outlook in this comprehensive guide.

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Importance of law clerks in the legal system

Confidential Email Disclaimers: Everything You Need to Know

A strong confidential email disclaimer is key to helping keep sensitive communications private. Get tips and examples here.

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Graphic of submitting form SS-4 with the IRS online.

Personal Injury Template Guide: From Retainer to Settlement

Every personal injury case (and personal injury client) is different. Despite this, most cases follow a similar trajectory. In this guide you’ll start by…

Personal Injury Template Guide: From Retainer to Settlement

TikTok Ban: A 2024 Update (and What You Should Know)

A bill passed with the aim of banning TikTok in the summer of 2024, learn what you need to know about TikTok and why…

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Legaltech News

Evaluating Legal Software: The Cost of the Status Quo

Is sticking with the status quo costing your firm? Learn how adopting legal software can improve productivity, effectiveness, and even cash flow.

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law firm partner salaries

Top Legal Tech Startups in 2024

Here, we list some of the top legal tech startups in 2024. Find out which companies are disrupting the legal industry with their innovations.

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Clio Resource

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