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How to Announce Your New Law Firm

Starting a new law firm? Now it’s time to tell the world. Read our post to learn how to create a new law firm…

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new law firm announcement

The Highest-growth Legal Practice Areas in 2024 and Beyond

What are the legal practice areas experiencing the highest growth in 2024? Find out in this blog post.

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emerging areas of law

How to Become a Legal Project Manager

Want to learn more about legal project management—and if legal project management jobs could be right for you as an alternative law career? Read…

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Illustration of a woman organizing shapes on a shelf, representing a legal project manager

Brian Cuban on Vulnerability and Lifting the Mental Illness Stigma

How can struggling legal professionals start their recovery journeys? How can the industry lift the mental illness stigma? Attorney and bestselling author Brian Cuban…

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Brian Cuban on vulnerability and mental health

6 Side Hustles Ideas for Lawyers

Having multiple income streams can be valuable and fulfilling—even for legal professionals. Here are 6 side hustle ideas for lawyers.

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lawyer side hustle

Not a Hoax, Not a Myth: Lawyer Happiness Is Possible

Is true lawyer happiness possible? Learn how to stay happy and successful as a lawyer.

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lawyer happiness

Lawyer Depression: Recognizing the Signs and Dealing With It

Nearly 1 in 3 lawyers struggle with depression: Read this post to learn about the symptoms, how to deal with them, and where to…

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lawyer depression

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