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The New York Times OpenAI Lawsuit and the Future of Machine Learning

The New York Times initiated a lawsuit against OpenAI for copyright infringement. What does this mean for lawyers who use AI tools?

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How to Successfully Implement Cloud-based Legal Software at Your Firm

Managing costs, involving firm staff, and overcoming the abundance of software choices—this Q&A will help you foolproof your firm’s cloud-based legal software implementation strategy.

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Email Management for Lawyers: A Guide

Learn everything you need to know about effective email management for your legal practice.

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Top Strategies for Improving Your Firm's Client Intake

Learn how to elevate your client intake practices to exceed expectations in this CLE-eligible webinar on March 5th.

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The Best Legal Blogs for Attorneys in 2024

Stay on top of emerging industry trends, news, and findings with our top legal blog picks for 2024.

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12 Realistic New Year’s Resolutions for Lawyers

New Year’s resolutions are hard to stick to, especially when you’re a busy legal professional. These realistic New Year's resolutions could inspire you to…

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Personal Injury Law Firm Virtual Summit

Watch session replays to learn how to win more clients, maximize settlements and close cases faster.

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