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Best Virtual Receptionists for Law Firms Reviewed

These virtual receptionist reviews for law firms will help you decide which virtual receptionist service is best for lawyers in different practice settings.

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Clio This Month: Dashboard Update, Task Notifications, and New Integration Partners

Happy belated Saint Patrick’s day from the Clio Team! This month, we’re introducing an updated dashboard, improved task notifications, and new integration partners.

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How To Bridge The Communications Gap With Your Clients

There are no simple answers in law—but that doesn't mean clients won't ask what they think are simple yes-or-no questions. Legal answers are inherently…

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Honoring Commitments in Lawyer-Client Relationships

Clients need to see the utmost commitment from their lawyers.

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Client Confidentiality in the Digital Age

Client confidentiality is the bedrock of any trusted legal practice. It’s a priority that informs everything from personal interactions to firm-level data protection—all of…

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The Quick Guide to Law Firm Document Shredding

Avoiding the paper shredder for too long can have real consequences for your law firm. Here’s how to save money on storage costs by…

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5 Resources for the Agile Attorney

Methodologies like Agile, Six Sigma, Lean, and Kanban can provide important lessons for improving your law firm’s efficiency. Become an Agile attorney today.

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