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Revenue Advantages of Online Payments

What lessons have we learned from high-growth law firms? Read on to learn more about how online payments can help your firm succeed.

Article 7 min.
Lawyer reviewing online payments on mobile

Advice from legal professionals: How I do it with Clio

Hear first hand how legal professionals like you use Clio to improve their firm’s efficiency and experiences without compromise.

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Everything You Need to Know About Payment Chargebacks

Chargebacks are a breeze with Clio—learn about the simple process, and how Clio helps you and your firm through it all.

Article 4 min.
An illustration showing two people tugging on a bill of money

How to Avoid the Hidden Costs of Payment Processing

Don't overpay for your payment processing. Follow these four steps to ensure you find the best payment processor for your law firm.

Article 8 min.
A graphic of a payment processing machine with the word "fees" on the screen

5 Steps to Accepting Credit Cards at Your Law Firm

From solo attorneys to large law firms and everyone in between, the benefits of accepting credit cards are undeniable. Now, you can start accepting…

Article 6 min.
Clio Resource

Get To Know Clio’s New Payment Platform

Join this free webinar to learn the advantages of processing payments directly through Clio’s new payments platform.

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What Are ACH Payments, and What Can They Do for Your Law Firm?

ACH payments for lawyers: Why and how to accept them, how much they cost, and how they compare to other payment methods.

Article 10 min.
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