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Top 5 Strategies for Efficient Lawyer Reputation Management

The first step in managing your online reputation is to simply put yourself in the client’s shoes and start Googling.

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Graphic shows a summary of law firm reputation based on reviews

Do We Need Robotics Laws?

Ed Walters of Fastcase discusses why the law needs to keep up with the robotics revolution and the rise of artificial intelligence.

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11 Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring a Law Firm Web Designer

Thinking of hiring a web design company to design your law firm’s website? Ask these questions first.

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How to Prevent Administrative Errors and Avoid Malpractice

Here's a look at how law firms can implement precautionary measures to minimize the risk of a malpractice claim.

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How to Set up Professional Email for Your Law Firm

What’s tackier than wearing white ankle-high athletic socks with a black business suit? Not having set up professional email for your law firm.

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5 Tips for Determining Your Contingency Fees

Contingency fees can be extremely lucrative for lawyers, but how much should you charge? Here's how to set reasonable contingency fees.

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The Lawyer's Guide to Marketing Your Firm Online

With so many restrictions on the advertising of legal practices, the good news is that there are still ways to market your firm and…

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