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Episode 84: Nicole Abboud-Shayan, Legal Industry Blogger, Speaker, and Podcast Host

Nicole—best known as the producer and host of the Gen Y Lawyer Podcast—is a legal industry expert who handles business development at WordRake and…

Episode 84 Nicole Abboud Shayan

Episode 82: Donna Saadati-Soto and Efrain Hudnell, Co-Founders of United for Diploma Privilege

As co-founders of United for Diploma Privilege, Donna and Efrain are advocating for a more thorough understanding of the bar exam’s purpose and efficacy…

Episode 82 Donna Saadti Soto Efrain Hudnell

Episode 80: Ivy B. Grey, VP of Strategy & Business Development for WordRake

Ivy B. Grey took a roundabout route to becoming a lawyer and legal tech entrepreneur. Now, as Vice President of Strategy and Business Development…

Episode 80 Ivy B Grey

Episode 77: Kelly Hayes and Betsy Stotler, Owners and Managing Partners at Stotler Hayes Group, LLC

Before they started their law firm in 2012, Kelly Hayes and Betsy Stotler were “two lawyer-moms who wanted to work at an innovative distributed…

Episode 77 Kelly Hayes Betsy Stotler

How and Why to Become a Freelance Attorney

As the legal industry evolves, freelancing is becoming more attractive to lawyers. Read this post to learn all about becoming a freelance attorney.

Article 12 minutes well spent
Why Become a Freelance Attorney Now

Work-life Balance for Lawyers

Lawyers are notorious for their long hours and demanding workload. Read this post to learn how to find the right balance despite the high-stress…

Article 17 minutes well spent
lawyer work life balance

Essential Steps to Take When Closing a Law Practice

Here are the steps you need to follow when closing a law practice to meet your ethical requirements and transition clients smoothly.

Article 5 minutes well spent
image of a "closed" sign for a law firm

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