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Work-life Balance for Lawyers

Lawyers are notorious for their long hours and demanding workload. Read this post to learn how to find the right balance despite the high-stress…

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lawyer work life balance

Essential Steps to Take When Closing a Law Practice

Here are the steps you need to follow when closing a law practice to meet your ethical requirements and transition clients smoothly.

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image of a "closed" sign for a law firm

Episode 68: I. Stephanie Boyce, Deputy Vice President of The Law Society of England & Wales

I. Stephanie Boyce is the current Deputy Vice President of the Law Society of England and Wales, and in 2021 she will become the…

Clio Daily Matters Episode 68 I. Stephanie Boyce

A Complete Guide to Law Firm Structure & Effective Management

The only guide you need for law firm management, including best practices for every element of managing a law firm.

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Episode 61: Katherine Katcher and Carmen Garcia, Root and Rebound

“Our systems are certainly setting people up to fail,” says Katherine Katcher, Founder and Executive Director of Root and Rebound—an organization working to restore…

Episode 61 Katherine Katcher Carmen Garcia

What Will It Take to Truly Increase Access to Justice?

Now, as always, increased access to justice is crucial. It’s clear that the legal industry has an instrumental role to play in affecting lasting…

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Episode 56: Mark O’Brien, Co-founder and Executive Director of Pro Bono Net

In his work with Pro Bono Net, Co-founder and Executive Director Mark O’Brien heads a national nonprofit that increases access to justice for the…

Episode 56 Mark OBrien

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