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KPIs and Reporting for Law Firms

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Law Firm Accounting Support

Learn the right tools and skills to ensure your law firm is financially efficient.

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How can you improve cybersecurity at your law firm?

Learn from the experts on improving cybersecurity at your law firm—and how cloud technology fits into it.

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Does cloud technology belong at your law firm?

Learn what cloud-based technology is, and how it can fit into your practice securely and ethically.

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Innovate Legal Online: Embracing Technology for Long-Term Success

The meetups will best practices you can implement to better serve clients as the legal landscape continues to advance and evolve online.

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From Big Data to Small Law Firms

The concept of Big Data and the analysis of extensive datasets to derive insights is neither a novel nor a new methodology. For decades…

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How to Improve Client Expense Tracking with Clio and Quickbooks Online

Tracking your firm’s client expenses can be a daunting task. With so many other tasks to complete in a day, it’s imperative for your…

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