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A New Approach to Legal Cyber Security: How to Protect Your Firm Against Rising Threats

Join this free CLE-eligible webinar to gain the knowledge and tools you need to protect your law firm from cybersecurity threats.

CLE Webinar Jun 15, 2023
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Scheduled Payments: How They Work

Get paid faster by scheduling payments at your law firm. Read on to learn how to schedule payments at your firm.

Article 5 minutes well spent
Illustration of dollar bill folded into a paper airplane

Stuck Using Server-Based Software? Clio Makes the Switch Easy and Painless

David A. Goldberg, Partner, at Taylor & Blair LLP knows the pain of using out-dated software. When he signed on with the firm, the…

Taylor & Blair Lawyers

What Is an IOLTA Account? A Complete Guide

Need a primer on IOLTA accounts? Read this blog post to learn more about IOLTA accounts, their history, and how Clio makes trust and…

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How to Set and Honor Boundaries

Watch this session to learn how to avoid lawyer burnout, set boundaries, and regain control of your life.

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Marketing Your Law Firm on Any Budget

Learn how to build a successful marketing plan for your firm on any budget.

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Legal Document Templates 101: Building a Solid Foundation in MS Word

Learn how to use Microsoft Word’s document automation features to build reusable templates and repeatable processes for drafting legal documents.

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