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A Lawyer’s Guide to Motion Hearings

Learn why a motion hearing is important, how they work, and how they can expedite case resolution.

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Image of a person in court raising a motion

Law Firm Business Management: A Guide for Lawyers

Your law firm is more than just a legal practice—it’s also a business. Learn the law firm business management essentials you and your leadership…

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Law firm business management

Legal Workflow Automation and Optimization: What Is It and How Does It Benefit Your Practice?

Download this free guide to learn about optimizing and automating your law firm—and how automation can take your law firm to the next level.

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A Lawyer's Guide to Post-Trial Motions

Post-trial motions are an essential part of trial practice. Explore some essentials of the most common post-trial motions and how to make them successfully.

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post-trial motions

Virtual Courtrooms: What to Know About Them

Make sure your virtual court appearances are effective by understanding the ins and outs of virtual courtrooms. Learn best practices and the best technology.

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virtual courtrooms

The Best Law Firm Web Design Companies

Your law firm website can be a powerful marketing tool, with the right design. Discover how a professional law firm web design company can…

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law firm web design companies

American Association of Law Libraries Annual Conference 2024

Clio is a proud sponsor of the American Association of Law Libraries Annual Conference, taking place July 20th-23rd in Chicago, IL. 

Events we're attending Jul 20, 2024
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