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A Guide to Creating a Law Firm Disaster Recovery Plan

Does your law firm have a disaster recovery plan? Read this blog post to learn how your firm can better prepare to recover data…

Article 13 minutes well spent
Clio Resource

A Guide to Document Automation for Lawyers

Saving time and staying organized is critical for law firms. Learn how you can overcome tedious, routine paperwork as a lawyer by reading this…

Article 11 minutes well spent
Document Automation for Lawyers

Episode 95: Billie Tarascio, Owner and Founder of Modern Law, Modern Law Practice, and Access Legal

With her law firm and legal businesses, Billie Tarascio is driving positive change in the legal industry around Access to Justice.

Billie Tarascio podcast

Episode 89: Risha Grant, Founder & CEO of Risha Grant LLC

Diversity & Inclusion keynote speaker, founder, consultant, and author Risha Grant has been advocating for a more diverse and inclusive workplace for over 25…

Episode 89 Risha Grant

How to Challenge Norms and Build a Strong Law Firm Culture

Did you know a strong law firm culture is critical to your firm’s success? Read this post to learn how to challenge lawyer culture…

Article 10 minutes well spent
law firm culture

Episode 87: George Psiharis, Chief Operating Officer at Clio

Since joining Clio 10 years ago, Chief Operating Officer George Psiharis has had a front-row seat for the massive technological and cultural shifts that…

Clio Daily Matters Episode 87 George Psiharis

Why You Need Microsoft Office 365 and Clio for Your Law Firm

Microsoft 365 is essential for many law firms. But how do you make your tech tools matter-centric and specific to your workflows? Read this…

Article 10 minutes well spent
Microsoft Office 365 for law firms

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