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7 Inspiring Lawyer Stories for Be Kind to Lawyers Day

What’s the most rewarding part about being a lawyer? We asked, and we’ve got some inspiring stories to share for Be Kind to Lawyers…

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How to Choose Your Legal Niche

In solo and small firm practices, niches can lead to riches. Here are some tips for identifying the best niche law practice areas for…

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Legal Malpractice Claims: What to Do As a Lawyer

The financial costs of a malpractice claim can be enormous. Here's what to do.

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What I Wish I Knew About Addiction in Law School: Interview With Brian Cuban

For ABA Law Student Division’s National Mental Health Day, we spoke with Brian Cuban about "The Addicted Lawyer" and addiction in law school.

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How to Build Attorney Referral Fee Agreements

Attorney referral agreements and fee dispersals are governed by strict rules. Here’s how you can build clear, transparent arrangements with other lawyers.

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LinkedIn for Lawyers: 10 Profile Tips to Build Your Brand

Take advantage of LinkedIn's unique professional network—here are a few tips on how to best set up your profile on LinkedIn, for lawyers.

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6 Steps to Buying Legal Malpractice Insurance

Four out of five lawyers will face a malpractice claim over the course of their careers. Having the right legal malpractice insurance can help…

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