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Innovate Legal Online: Essentials for Starting Your Virtual Law Firm

Join Part 1 of Clio’s Virtual Law Firm Bootcamp series for a thorough walkthrough on how to start a new virtual law firm—or how…

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How to grow your law firm through ethical legal marketing

Learn the ins and outs of law firm marketing and how the right tools can help you grow your practice ethically.

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Flat Fees for Fun and Profit

Clients love flat fees; lawyers worry about them. Driven by client demand, hourly billing is on its last legs and flat fees are fast…

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Focus on your clients: Insights from the Legal Trends Report

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From Big Data to Small Law Firms

The concept of Big Data and the analysis of extensive datasets to derive insights is neither a novel nor a new methodology. For decades…

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Growth Strategies for Law Firms

Law firms can grow in a variety of methods. Law firms can increase caseloads, employees, or efficiency. The best strategies encompass all three. Join…

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Innovate Legal Online: Helpful Tools for Automating Your Document Management

Learn how to adapt your tools and processes to streamline your firm’s operations.

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