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How I Doubled My Law Firm's Revenue (and Where We're Headed Next)

How does a law firm double its revenues year-over-year? Chris Trebatoski of Treblaw LLC shares his advice.

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Haben Girma on Accessibility: How Differences Drive Innovation

Haben Girma is a Harvard Law School graduate and an advocate for equal opportunities for people with disabilities. Here, she shares some of her…

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How to Build a Custom Law Firm Website Without Coding Experience

Do it yourself websites can save you lots of time and money compared to outsourcing. Here are the best to manage DIY websites for…

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Is Your Law Firm Ready for a Buyer’s Market?

Law is a seller’s market, but it will soon be a buyer’s market. Ed Walters explains why client-centered firms will be most successful in…

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How Family Lawyer Benjamin S. Lee Builds Relationships With Clio

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6 Email Marketing Tips for Lawyers

Email marketing is a great way to keep in touch with your network. In this post, we share 4 email marketing tips for lawyers…

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Make Your Firm More Efficient With These 10 Client Intake Tips

An efficient client intake process helps make a good first impression, but more importantly, it can save your law firm time and money.

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