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Growth in a time of uncertainty—How Torrey Pines expanded their staff, revenue, and clients fivefold with Clio

Learn more about Torrey Pines’s explosive growth and pivot during a period of uncertainty—and how Clio helped them along the way.

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Living their vision: how a criminal defense firm increased revenue while taking more pro bono work with Clio

With Clio Grow, this criminal defense firm has increased revenue five-fold while freeing up time for pro bono work. Learn more about their Clio…

2022 Reisman Winner Video Thumbnails Mary Chartier

Legal Tech Roundup: Tools and Services Your Firm Needs in 2023

Join this free CLE-eligible webinar for guidance on finding, selecting, and implementing the best tech solutions for your firm.

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Legal Fee Financing Vs. Payment Plans: What’s Better for Your Clients?

Flexible payments don't just help your clients; they benefit your law firm, too.

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Watch How Family Law Firms Use Clio

Learn how family law firms use Clio to improve profitability and proficiency.

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2022 in Review: What's Working for Your Firm and What Isn't

Watch this webinar to learn how to take a data-driven approach to assessing your firm’s health and performance.

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Highlights from the 2022 Legal Trends Report

Embrace current challenges and begin planning for your law firm’s future today. Read our highlights from the 2022 Legal Trends Report to learn more.

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