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Episode 78: Bryan Parker, Co-founder and CEO of Legal Innovators

Bryan Parker is the Co-founder and CEO of Legal Innovators, an innovative alternative legal service provider (ALSP) that is helping law firms train young…

Episode 78 Bryan Parker

Essential Steps to Take When Closing a Law Practice

Here are the steps you need to follow when closing a law practice to meet your ethical requirements and transition clients smoothly.

Article 5 minutes well spent
image of a "closed" sign for a law firm

A Beginner’s Guide to Legal Workflow Automation

Want to save time and overhead, and practice law more efficiently? Legal workflow automation can help. Read our tips to get started.

Article 5 minutes well spent
automation conveyor belt

Law Firm Succession Planning: A Guide

Law firm succession planning is fundamental to the success of your legal practice. Read this post to find out how you can start planning…

Article 16 minutes well spent
law firm succession planning

A Complete Guide to Law Firm Structure & Effective Management

The only guide you need for law firm management, including best practices for every element of managing a law firm.

Article 15 minutes well spent
computer branching out to other areas

Episode 60: Tom West, CEO at LawPay

In this episode Tom West, CEO at LawPay, talks about the rise of electronic payments in legal.

Episode 60 Tom West

Episode 59: Steven Abrahams, Partnerships for Microsoft Teams

When COVID-19 hit, Microsoft Teams suddenly became an even more important tool for all kinds of organizations—including law firms. Steven Abrahams works on Partnerships…

Episode 59 Steven Abrahams

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