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Lawyer Domain Names: A Guide to Finding and Buying the Right One

Your lawyer domain name is a fundamental part of your business. Pick the best one for your firm by following this guide.

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Legal Trends Report Infographic 2021

This Infographic covers key themes and statistics from the 2021 Legal Trends Report. We’ll also provide additional resources that highlight insights from the report.

2021 LTR Infographic

The Best Free Accounting Software for Lawyers

Our roundup of the four best legal accounting applications to try for free will help you confidently introduce accounting software at your firm.

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How a Seamless Law Firm Intake Process Helps Win Clients

Getting your prospective clients to fall in love with your firm might be easier than you think. And it all starts by enhancing your…

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client intake process

A Busy Lawyer’s Guide to Managing Documents and Court Forms

Watch this webinar to learn how to improve the processes of creating, storing, sharing, and managing legal documents at your firm.

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Law Firm Financial Management: A Guide for Lawyers

Our financial management guide makes it easy to understand your firm's cash-flow footprint—helping you plan for growth.

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How to Create a Marketing Budget for Small Law Firms

Create your law firm's marketing budget with ease and confidence by following our guide.

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