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How to Streamline Law Firm Collections with Online Payments in Clio Manage

Join this free webinar to learn how to streamline your firm’s collections using Clio’s billing and payments suite

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Online payments create better client experiences at solo law firm

When she first started her solo practice, Anna was concerned about lacking the personnel and resources that she had grown accustomed to at larger…

Anna Valiente Gomez

Budgeting Essentials To Set Your Firm Up for Success

Learn how to prioritize your resources when creating your law firm budget in this Innovate Legal Online meetup.

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Tips for Optimizing Your Firm’s Billing and Collections

Learn how to improve your billing process and get paid faster in this Innovate Legal Online meetup

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How To Set Up a Scalable Client Intake System

Learn how to build a scalable client intake process that makes it easy for prospective clients to avail your legal services

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What Makes a Winning Law Firm Website

In this Innovate Legal Online meetup, learn how to build a law firm website that helps you win more clients.

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Strategies and Tools for Keeping Clients Happy

Learn how to manage client expectations effectively in this Innovate Legal Online meetup.

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