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How to Write a Legal Assistant Cover Letter (With Examples!)

Struggling to write the perfect legal assistant cover letter? With our handy guide (containing legal assistant cover letter examples), you’ll write a legal assistant…

Article 8 minutes well spent
Illustration of a legal assistant carrying a cover latter and a briefcase

The Best Legal Matter Management Software in 2023: A Guide

Legal matter management software helps law firms stay on top of their files, work collaboratively, and manage cases with ease. Eager to learn more?…

Article 7 minutes well spent
An illustration of a trophy on of webpages meant to convey the best legal matter management software

Will ChatGPT Replace Lawyers?

ChatGPT has taken the world by storm—and the legal profession is no different. So, what does the rise of ChatGPT mean for lawyers? Read…

Article 4 minutes well spent
Image of newspaper with scales of justice

How a solo practitioner increased leads by 70%—and cut admin time by 90%—with Clio

With Clio, solo practitioner Tatevik Gasparyan increased her leads by 70% and cut administrative time by 90%. Learn more about how she’s achieved these…

Tatevik Gasparyan

The Best Legal Document Management Software in 2023

Legal document management software can help law firms stay organized and find documents quickly—no matter where they are.

Article 9 minutes well spent
Clio Resource

6 Ways Clio Helps Evolve Family Law Build its Business

Beau Atkins, CEO at Evolve Family Law, had used Clio at a previous firm and saw its potential in helping him start his own…

Clio Resource

How One of Nebraska’s Largest Divorce Firms Increased Revenue by 30% with Clio

Angela Lennon is a partner at Koenig|Dunne, a 100% women-owned family law firm dedicated to changing the legal experience for families in Nebraska who…

Clio Resource

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