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Everything You Need to Know About Legal Payment Processing Solutions

This guide explains everything about how online payment processing systems benefit your firm, and clients. Includes security compliance considerations.

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Credit Card Surcharge: What it Means for Law Firms

Learn everything you need to know about credit card surcharge fees in this blog.

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Make It Easy To Pay And Get Paid With Clio Manage

Join this free webinar to learn how to simplify and automate your collections process with Clio Manage’s complete billing and payments suite.

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Electronic Billing Software For Law Firms: How to Adopt Legal Electronic Billing

Find out how your firm can benefit from legal ebilling and how to implement it at your firm.

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Graphic showing someone paying through a screen symbolizes legal ebilling for lawyers

It's Time to Retire Your Billing Spreadsheet

There's a better way—why it's time to stop using Excel for legal billing and invoicing.

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4 Payment Methods Your Clients Want

Here’s how offering credit card payments at your firm—and other payment methods—will get you paid quicker.

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7 Steps to Easier, More Efficient Law Firm Billing

This guide will help you make the most of your time with easier, more efficient billing.

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