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Thank you for your interest—submissions for the 2020 Reisman Awards are now closed.

2020 Reisman Award Winners

  • Excellence in Client Service: Ceiba Fôrte Law Firm

    The team at Ceiba Fôrte understands that navigating the legal system can be incredibly challenging for non-English speakers. To help its Spanish-speaking clientele with their civil, business, and employment matters, Ceiba Fôrte puts its clients at ease with creative solutions like Virtual Reality courtrooms, gamification, and visual charts. We’re proud to celebrate Ceiba Fôrte Law Firm with the 2020 Reisman Award for Excellence in Client Service.

  • Best Growth Story: Donato Law

    When a building fire and a flood struck Jodi Ann Donato’s law office—both in the same week—she didn’t let those disasters stop her. What would have been a devastating setback for most businesses pushed Jodi to be even more resilient, and she now has a thriving solo practice. We’re proud to present Donato Law with the 2020 Reisman Award for Best Growth Story.

  • Community Champion: Osborn Gambale Beckley & Budd PLLC

    The equal-access law firm of Osborn Gambale Beckley & Budd PLLC, a.k.a. Counsel Carolina, has a unique approach to closing the justice gap in North Carolina: The firm’s lawyers drive a 33-foot, retro-inspired RV around the state in order to provide legal services directly to underserved communities. We’re proud to recognize their achievements with the 2020 Reisman Award for Community Champion.

  • Legal Innovation: Roche Legal

    Rachel Roche knew that British will signing laws were outdated—the laws have been in place since 1837—so Rachel used technology to create 21st-century legal solutions; among other innovations, she created an online Will Writing and Lasting Power of Attorney service. For the firm’s efforts to transform the UK legal industry, we’re pleased to honor Roche Legal with the 2020 Reisman Award for Legal Innovation.

  • Best New Law Firm: Law Offices of Kristen A Schneck, LLC

    Having married an immigrant and gone through the legal immigration process on a personal level, Kristen Schneck understands the fears and anxiety her clients often experience. Because of this, she dedicated her practice to helping clients build new lives in America. We’re proud to honor Schneck Immigration Law with the 2020 Reisman Award for Best New Law Firm.

What makes your firm special?

Our customers do amazing things, and the annual Reisman Awards—named after Clio’s first customer—recognize extraordinary Clio customers for displaying excellence in their fields and making an impact in their communities.

Past Reisman Award winners have achieved incredible firm growth, founded innovative companies, broken down industry barriers, and provided powerful advocacy for vulnerable populations.

Award categories

  • Legal Innovation

    Do you dare to do things a little differently? Tell us about how you use technology, how you serve clients, or how you address niche markets in unique ways.

  • Best New Law Firm

    Whether you’re a fresh-faced law grad or a bold BigLaw defector, if you started a new law firm over the past year, we want to hear about your success in striking out.

  • Community Champion

    Volunteering, pro bono work, mentorship, or donations—giving back can take many forms. Share how you make your community great.

  • Best Growth Story

    We’re no stranger to growth, but our favorite stories are yours—and this is your chance to boast. Tell us how you’ve been successful with Clio.

  • 2018 Reisman Awards icon Best Customer Centric

    Excellence in Client Service

    When clients have come to expect instant and exceptional service, it’s more important than ever for law firms who want to stay competitive with a client-centered approach. Tell us how you deliver great service at your law firm.

  • [NEW] Legal Impact Award (People's Choice)

    This award celebrates law firms who embody Clio’s mission of transforming the practice of law, for good. Nominees for this award will be hand-picked by our panel of judges and voted on by the legal community.

  • Reisman Awards Trophy


    All finalists (three per category) will receive:

    • Discounted pricing on one pass to 2020 Clio Cloud Conference—the most exciting legal conference in the industry, held virtually on October 13-16
    • A chance to be showcased in one of our customer success stories
    • A website badge and press release inclusion for your marketing materials


    Winners will also receive:

    • Two VIP conference passes to the 2020 Clio Cloud Conference
    • A Reisman trophy
    • A produced video highlighting your firm and the impact you’re having
    • Recognition on stage at the 2020 Clio Cloud Conference
    • Exclusive design assets you can use on your firm’s website, social media, and other marketing materials


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What makes a winning entry?

Submissions will be evaluated based on how compelling their story is, how well the results are documented, how well the story ties into their category, and Clio’s role in your success. Tell us the impact of your actions, and how Clio helped you get there.

I submitted last year. Can I submit again?

Absolutely! The great thing about stories is that they get better over time. We want to keep in touch and to learn about what’s new and exciting at your firm. So, please, keep those submissions coming.

Is there a fee to submit to the Reisman Awards?

No! Submitting to the Reisman Awards is completely free. Simply complete the submission form below.

Does my submission have to contain information from the past year only?

No! Feel free to use examples from beyond last year to illustrate your story. We want the full picture. If that means going back to what first inspired you to become a lawyer, by all means, dig deep. We can’t wait to hear about it.

How are the winners chosen?

Each submission will be evaluated by our panel of judges on how well it meets submission criteria.

Why does Clio offer a customer recognition program?

From the very beginning, we have taken inspiration from our customers and the incredible things they do. From creating Clio to starting the Clio Cloud Conference, our goal has always been to help you succeed—your success is our success. We started this program to hear and recognize the stories from the front lines.

Thank you for your interest in the 2020 Reisman Awards. The field of nominees has been set, and winners will be announced at the 2020 Clio Cloud Conference!

Submissions for this year are now closed. Sign up here to be the first to find out when submissions for the 2021 Reisman Awards open.

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