From Big Law to Boutique: Clio and Colleary & Co.

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Kate Colleary wanted to open her own specialist firm specialising in intellectual property and privacy/data protection. She had one problem. She liked practicing law and winning clients, not the administrative work that often keeps lawyers away from what they were trained to do. Having worked in Ireland’s largest law firms, she also wanted technology similar to that used by big law firms. But she was worried that wouldn’t be available to smaller, specialist practitioners. Luckily, she was wrong.

After doing her research, and trying out other practice management solutions, Kate decided on Clio. Why? Clio made the administrative work as easy and time efficient as possible, offering her the support structures available in large firms without the big ticket cost. Within a few months of taking Clio for a test drive she had established Colleary & Co in Dublin, specialising in IP, privacy/data protection, and litigation. They now work on behalf of some of the world’s largest companies, and most promising startups in the areas of technology, manufacturing, design, and financial services. And as Colleary & Co grows, Clio grows with it, seamlessly. Kate says:

As a specialist practice, we are always looking to hire the best lawyers in our areas of expertise – IP, data protection and litigation. Now, not even two years after opening our doors, we are proud to welcome some of Ireland’s most experienced lawyers in this area as consultants to the firm. We are constantly growing and evolving – and Clio helps us to continue do that with minimum fuss.

All the features a modern firm needs

Bank-grade data security, quick billing, accurate time-tracking, a secure client portal, and integrations with all of the technology she uses ensure that Kate can run an efficient cloud-based, paperless office without wasting valuable time on administrative duties.

Download Kate’s customer success story to see how she went from big law to boutique while retaining the technological supports that allowed her to spend her time practising law.


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