Civil Litigation Software

If you’re looking for civil litigation software that works to your firm’s needs, Clio has you covered.

Keep track of important details, documents, and deadlines with a case management software that makes litigation lawyers more efficient and more effective. Simplified billing, calendaring, time recording, and advanced client intake capabilities allow you to spend more time on high-value strategic tasks—and to eliminate unnecessary administrative hassle. 

Civil Litigation Software

Never again miss a critical case deadline

With Clio, civil litigation law firms can keep up to date with key civil litigation case deadlines and upcoming appointments.

  • Avoid nasty scheduling surprises

    Take charge of your calendar. Connect Clio to your Office 365 Calendar or Google Calendar and ensure no appointment gets lost or overlooked. Organise your schedule by each matter type and key litigation case deadlines and create forward-thinking reminders.

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Helping civil litigation solicitors maximise their impact

Increase output and strengthen performance by focusing on high-value tasks. What’s not to love?

  • Efficient workflows

    Track time, build cases, and never miss a billable moment. Using Clio legal software to track your litigation case details ensures productivity whether civil litigation lawyers are at the courthouse, home, or on the go. Work from anywhere with the same security and functionality as your office desktop.

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  • Streamlined client onboarding

    Onboard new clients in a single step, thanks to Clio's client relationship management (CRM) solution for law firms, Clio Grow. No more spreadsheets or manual intake needed: Record all essential information and schedule appointments for your civil litigation cases in one simple-to-use system.

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  • Integrations and e-bundling

    Thanks to Clio’s open API and 90+ UK integration partners, you can connect with more best-in-class solutions than any other legal software. Integrations include Outlook, Google Apps, Box, Dropbox, Xero, and popular e-bundling software such as BundleDocs, and HyperLaw.

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Pain-free invoicing

Civil litigation firms shouldn’t struggle to get paid. Fortunately, with Clio’s practice management software, they don’t have to.

  • Detailed paper trails

    Create a thorough breakdown of your civil litigation law firm’s fees per matter and a clear expense trail. Thanks to Clio’s customisable, detailed invoicing capabilities, you can eliminate potential disputes with clients, opposing parties, and courts.

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  • Easier bookkeeping

    Track client funds and multiple client bank accounts with Clio’s client accounting software capabilities and client accounting integrations. Organise your invoices by matter and client, making end-of-month billing easier. Clio’s legal billing guides your record-keeping and maintains your clients’ accounts records while preventing common errors.

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Civil Litigation Software FAQs

What features does Clio provide for litigation solicitors?

Civil litigation solicitors contend with a variety of matters, from civil lawsuits to litigation and dispute resolution. This might include issues between landlords and tenants, professional negligence cases, or breaches of contract. It’s therefore crucial that they can rely on rock-solid back-office processes while they focus on their wide range of cases.


Clio’s civil litigation software streamlines initial client onboarding. It’s as efficient as possible, but as detailed as necessary. From then on, all key documents and communications are kept in one single source of truth. These can be accessed when you’re out of the office and on the go—at settlement meetings or in court. 

Popular calendaring integrations, including Office 365 Calendar and Google Calendar integrations as well as BundleDocs and HyperLaw, ensure that no deadline will be missed and no key task forgotten. Clio also creates detailed paper trails for irrefutable invoices—helping firms to get paid and avoid disputes. 

Why should a litigation lawyer use case management software?

Civil litigation solicitors have 101 things going on at any one moment in time. To manage this busy workload, they need an all-in-one case management software. 

This will enable them to access their key case documents wherever, whenever—and to stay on top of their clients’ ever-changing requirements. 

No key work will ever slip through the cracks—and no crucial document will be misplaced or forgotten. Civil litigation solicitors can focus on their litigation and dispute resolution matters rather than on document management. 

How can I use legal software for litigation and dispute resolution?

Litigation and dispute resolution is a complex process. It requires moving quickly, having the relevant documentation to hand at all times, being clear on key tasks, and staying on top of court deadlines. 

This is where Clio can help. While Clio is not a dedicated civil litigation tracking software, its legal software is designed to help any law firm track all matters from client onboarding to completion.

Clients can be onboarded in one single step, allowing all litigation lawyers at your firm to quickly get to work. 

Clio stores an unlimited amount of documents, providing an all-in-one repository for saving important documents such as pleading captions, representation certificates, filing information sheets, and court forms.

Team-wide task management is a breeze with Clio’s civil litigation software. Civil litigation solicitors can create detailed custom Task Lists outlining who needs to do what, and by when.

I’m performing a litigation support software comparison. Why should I choose Clio for my civil matter management?

Clio adds value at every stage of the civil litigation process, from onboarding a client all the way through to ensuring a successful outcome. It frees civil litigation solicitors from low-value processes, helps them to be more productive, and increases their performance. 

Automate key client intake workflows and wave goodbye to endless document management. With Clio, you can seamlessly create, upload, and manage key documents—whether on your desktop computer at work or on your mobile phone at court. 

Integrate Clio Manage with the rest of your tech stack to keep all crucial information in one easily accessible place. Focus on high-value strategic work rather than wasting hours digging around for disparate documents. 

Civil litigation lawyers will be able to spend more time, energy, and brainpower on what they do best: helping their clients. The result of all this? Increased performance. 

By choosing Clio, you’ll gain a lifelong technology partner. We’re committed to making legal professionals’ lives easier and their work more efficient. We won’t stop getting better—and it’s our mission to ensure you won’t either.