General law practice

Clio’s practice management software is designed to make working easier for a range of legal practitioners and services. Whether you’re a high street law firm offering a wide range of general practice law services or a boutique firm specialising in diverse areas of law, Clio has you covered. 

From maritime law, to environmental law, to construction law, or banking law, (and everything in between), Clio’s legal software will help your law firm to manage matters, documents, and your firm’s workload so that you can focus on your clients’ needs and the work that matters to you.

Clio features for general legal practice management

No matter what type of law you practice or the size of your firm, Clio can help your law firm to work faster and more efficiently with task automation, easier billing, client intake, and more.

  • Matter Management

    Store all case and matter files in a centralised cloud-based portal. Ditch the filing cabinets and wave goodbye to clutter. Assign and track tasks to stay on top of key workflows. Report on progress, identify roadblocks, and better manage firm-wide productivity.

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  • Document Management

    Securely store all your legal files, from the latest human rights law and charity law regulations to construction law permits, contracts, or petitions, or whatever documents your firm most uses, in a single source of truth.

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  • Time Tracking and Recording

    Easily track and record your time on any task and associate it to a client's matter.

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  • Legal Calendaring

    Keep track of your whole firm’s schedule, and integrate with Office 365 or Google Calendar, so nothing falls through the cracks.

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  • Mobile App

    Download Clio’s mobile app on your iOS or Android devices to stay up-to-date at all times, no matter where you are.

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  • Integrations

    Connect your law firm software with a range of best-in-class solutions, including Outlook, Google Apps, Box, and Dropbox as well as Xero and Infotrack.

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Easier and faster legal billing

Your legal billing shouldn't slow you down. Let Clio's legal billing feature and client accounting software integrations take the hassle out of legal billing.

  • Legal Billing

    Create beautiful, customisable invoices in seconds. Invoice with speed, at scale.

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  • Client Accounting

    Feel more confident in your legal accounting with Clio. Manage all of your financials in Clio and export income statements and balance sheets. Our law firm software even integrates with the most popular accounting software used by law firms: Quickbooks, Xero, and Klyant.

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Better client relationships, scheduling, and onboarding

Your clients rely on you. You can rely on Clio to help you support, engage, and retain new and returning clients.

  • Client Portal

    Use the Clio for Clients portal, to securely communicate and share information with your legal clients.

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  • Legal Client Relationship Management

    Use Clio Grow, Clio's legal client relationship management (CRM) solution, to organise and nurture your potential new clients, existing clients, and professional contacts from one convenient platform.

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  • Client Intake Automation

    Use shareable, online intake forms, e-signatures, and document automation to turn your firm’s client intake process into a simple, organised system in the cloud.

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Legal Case Management Software FAQs

What is legal practice management software and why should law firms use it?

Lawyers have enough on their plates without having to worry about legal practice management. They need to spend their time and energy on billable client-facing work—not on low-value admin.

This is where Clio’s legal practice management software comes in. 

With customisable intake forms, available as part of Clio Grow, lawyers can onboard clients in one swift step. Key information is collected once and then applied throughout document-intensive workflows. 

Better still, legal case management software automatically handles all document and matter management. Securely store key files in one single portal. Access crucial files on the go, whether at home or in court. 

When it comes to billing, Clio’s easy billing and customisable invoices ensure lawyers can invoice—and get paid—in no time at all.

What kinds of law firms can benefit from using legal case management software?

Every single law firm can benefit from using legal case management software, whether you’re practising in a more common area of law, such as family law or immigration law, or a more specialised field such as maritime law, human rights law, environmental law, construction law, charity law, or banking law.

The benefits—increased performance, productivity, and profitability—are universal. Lawyers can spend more time on their clients and less time on admin. 

How do I choose the best law firm software?

There are no hard-and-fast rules for choosing the best law firm software. Every law firm has its own specific requirements. A maritime law firm and an environmental law firm, for example, have different priorities and goals. However, there are a few general rules to follow when choosing law firm software.  

First, draw up a list of what your firm struggles with on a daily basis. It might be that your lawyers don’t spend enough face-to-face time with clients. Or perhaps your lawyers struggle to accurately record how long they spend on each client’s tasks—so you might need a law firm time recording software.

Once you have these pain points listed out, you can then search for law firm software that has the capabilities you need, such as cloud-based document and matter management, time recording, task management, and integrations with the rest of your tech stack.

In other words, such as Clio.

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