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Tax Season: Building the Perfect Accounting System for Your Law Firm

Learn how to better manage your firm’s books (with a little help).

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Taming the File Cabinet: Paperless Essentials for Lawyers

Is going paperless really a reality for law firms?

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eDiscovery for the Solo or Small Law Firm

Every lawyer needs eDiscovery. Do you do it right? Learn how to navigate dramatically increasing amounts of electronic data in this free Clio webinar.

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Metrics for the Modern Law Firm

Your firm isn’t a traditional one. Why are you measuring its success like it is? Learn how to build a successful business model in…

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The Science of Collecting Fees

Have you ever had a client who didn’t pay a bill? If you have, the good news is that there’s a way to minimize…

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Flat Fees for Fun and Profit

Clients love flat fees; lawyers worry about them. Driven by client demand, hourly billing is on its last legs and flat fees are fast…

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Understanding Law Firm Financials: Making the Numbers Work

Practicing law is not just about client files and research, but also defining the value of your legal services. Too many lawyers let their…

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