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Growth Strategies for Law Firms

Law firms can grow in a variety of methods. Law firms can increase caseloads, employees, or efficiency. The best strategies encompass all three. Join…

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Mobile Practice Management

As mobile devices become more common and functional managing matters, tasks, calendars and documents from an iPhone or tablet is the new norm. Learn…

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Top 10 Malpractice Traps

Do you know how to prevent costly malpractice disputes? Join ALPS' Risk Manager, Mark Bassingthwaighte, and Clio's Joshua Lenon as they discuss strategies and…

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Realization Rates

Realization rates – the difference between the time you're recording and the percentage of that time paid by clients - directly impacts your firm's…

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Big Data: Practice Metrics for the Small Law Firm

Law firms process an incredible amount of data every day. The evolution of online technologies and cloud storage systems have made it easier than…

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Choosing a Practice Management System

Cloud-based practice management services offer a number of advantages to small and mid-sized firms over traditional software, however choosing the right practice management system…

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Comparing the Costs

Increasingly, attorneys are turning to cloud-based practice management solutions as an alternative to traditional, unwieldy, and expensive on-premise software. When comparing the two alternatives,…

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