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European Cloud Based Practice Management

Cloud computing has moved into the mainstream with more than half of US businesses now using the Cloud to store critical data and run…

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Understanding Statistics and the Flat Fee

There is greater opportunity today for small and medium law firms to adapt and succeed by adopting process improvement methodologies. This whitepaper describes how…

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The Ethics and Security of Cloud Computing

Nearly four thousand years ago, Hammurabi engraved the laws of Babylon onto a stone plinth and revolutionized the codification of law. Today, lawyers of…

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3 Technology Tools to Build a Virtual Law Firm

More lawyers and small law firms are considering the alternative benefits of a virtual practice. In this eBook, we'll explain the 3 core technologies…

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Legal Accounting

With tax season upon us, it is time for lawyers to move beyond boxes of receipts and a spreadsheet for managing firm finances. Learn…

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How the Cloud is More Secure Than Your Server

ABA Model Rule 1.1 requires lawyers to keep abreast of the benefits and risks associated with technology. When it comes to storing information digitally,…

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Do Not Print: The Lawyer's Guide to Going Paperless

Lawyers are in the business of managing information. Sure, you’re a master of negotiation and can offer your clients stellar service, but in order…

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