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    Over 1,000 5-star user reviews on Capterra

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    Over 150,000 legal professionals rely on Clio to help manage their law firm

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  • Client Intake

    Schedule consultations with online booking and share public intake forms online that automatically sync to Clio—so your firm can stay connected (and conflict-free).

  • Time Tracking

    Easily capture time and review billable and non-billable work, so you can better benchmark performance and ensure your firm is taking on profitable work.

  • Document Management

    Store an unlimited amount of legal documents directly to client matters, so your team can spend less time managing files and more time doing billable work.

  • Legal Calendaring

    Automatically create calendar events based on filing deadlines and court dates, so your colleagues, clients, and co-counsel can stay ahead of important deadlines.

  • Task Management

    Organize to-do lists, see task progress, and manage your team’s workload, so you can improve productivity and profitability across your law firm.

  • Billing

    Send bills online and accept online payments via debit, credit, and eCheck, so your firm can collect more—with less effort.

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