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The undisputed leader in legal technology

  • Most 5-star reviews

    Over 1,000 5-star user reviews on Capterra

  • Most widely-used legal software

    Over 150,000 legal professionals rely on Clio to help manage their law firm

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    Over 70+ bar associations approve Clio to their members

Use legal billing and time tracking software that makes life easier for your firm - and your clients.

  • Transform your law practice with our easy-to-use software

    • Capture time as you work, or record bulk entries at the end of the day.
    • Create time entries directly from tasks, communications, or calendar events.
    • Quickly generate, approve, and send bills to clients.
  • Customized billing plans

    • Set unique billing rates for different users, case types, clients and activities
    • Create the perfect billing plan for each client based on hourly rates, flat fees, or on a contingency basis
    • Link earned time directly to a client and matter for more organized billing
  • Get paid faster with Clio

    • Make it easy for your clients to pay on-time with early payment discounts and interest calculations on late payments.
    • Collect payments with built-in online credit card processing

More than just legal billing and time tracking software

Get up and running quickly with Clio’s legal billing and time tracking software, thanks to 24/5 support from an award-winning team that’s dedicated to your success. With industry-leading security from law software you can trust, you can help protect your clients’ information and firm’s data. In addition to great legal billing and time tracking software, you can use Clio’s 200+ integrations to connect, expand, and sync your favorite tools.

See what else Clio's legal billing and time tracking software can do for your firm

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