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The undisputed leader in legal billing software

  • Most 5-star reviews

    Over 1,000 5-star user reviews on Capterra

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    Over 150,000 legal professionals rely on Clio to help manage their law firm

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    Over 70+ bar associations approve Clio to their members

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  • Time Tracking

    Capture time from calendar events, tasks, communication logs, and more, so you can track your billable hours with ease.

  • Expense Tracking

    Log hard or soft cost expenses directly to client matters, so you can maintain accurate financial records and simplify year-end reconciliations.

  • Billing

    Add time entries to bills with a single click and securely share invoices with clients online, so you can spend less time billing and more time on billable work.

  • Payments

    Accept online payments via debit, credit, and eCheck with Pay Now buttons in your electronic bills, so your firm can collect more—with less effort.

  • Trust Accounting

    Request, apply, and transfer trust funds knowing all transactions are properly logged in your trust account, so you can complete your trust accounting—with confidence.

  • Billing Reports

    Generate legal billing reports, insights into accounts receivables, and reports on law firm finances, so you always have a clear view of your firm’s financial performance.

More than just legal billing software

Get up and running quickly with Clio’s legal billing software, thanks to 24/5 support from an award-winning team that’s dedicated to your success. With industry-leading security from law software you can trust, you can help protect your clients’ information and firm’s data. In addition to great legal billing software, you can use Clio’s 200+ integrations to connect, expand, and sync your favorite tools.

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