Create routine documents 80% faster

Stop typing (and retyping) client and matter information over and over again—and start focusing more on what matters.

Convert your Microsoft Word documents into smart templates
Automate document drafting—error free
Offer fast, convenient eSign to clients
Get started on PC or Mac—no installation required

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See how easy it is to turn your MS Word documents into automated templates

  • Create cloud-based templates and fill them automatically with data from Clio

    Easily turn your firm’s Word documents into custom, reusable templates – no coding required! Simply point and click the parts of the document you want automated.

    Customize documents on a case-by-case basis

    Save standard provisions and precedents as alternative clauses or sections to be added based on the specifics of a client or matter with conditional logic (e.g number of children).

    Ensure proper grammar and syntax

    Rest easy knowing that Clio Draft will automatically adjust pronouns and verbs to agree with client-specific subject matter.

    Provide a better client experience with eSign

    Get documents signed quickly and conveniently with Clio Draft’s built-in, mobile-friendly eSign.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is Clio Draft?

Clio Draft is Clio’s new cloud-based advanced document automation software that helps small and medium-size law firms automate document workflows from information gathering to eSign. For example, you can turn your frequently used Microsoft Word-based documents into reusable, easy-to-fill templates and then send for eSign with just a few clicks. The results help legal professionals save time and avoid errors with routine document drafting.

What types of lawyers use Clio Draft?

There are more than 3,500 lawyers across North America (and scattered around the globe) who are currently using Clio Draft. Our most common types of users practice Family Law, Estate Planning, Civil Litigation, Business Law and Real Estate. However, that’s a generalization. If you have a legal practice that regularly uses similar sets of documents across multiple clients, there’s a good chance we can help you save time, improve operational efficiency, avoid errors and increase profitability by using our software.

How do I get started using Clio Draft?

Fill out this brief form and the Clio team will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

How do you turn Microsoft Word documents into templates?

We have an easy-to-use Template Builder that is integrated into Microsoft Word. With the Template Builder, you can convert your frequently-used documents into fillable templates that can be drafted in a fraction of the time on the Clio Draft platform. We also have a dedicated Templating team that can help you get started, but let’s talk more about that when we chat.

How do I fill them?

Once your templates are in Clio Draft, you’ll be able to fill them over and over again through a simple online portal. You can import your active contacts from Clio Manage and have that information added to documents with a few clicks. In addition to having the ability to quickly and accurately fill your documents with information like names and addresses, you can also insert and edit entire clauses and paragraphs using conditional logic and other nifty features.

Can I import client information from Clio?

Yes, Clio Draft has an integration with Clio. Connect your Clio Draft account to Clio once, then reduce data entry by easily adding a new client to Clio Draft directly from Clio. You can also update Clio on time spent drafting client documents directly from within Clio Draft.

How do I get the completed document back to Microsoft Word?

That’s easy. Clio Draft gives you the ability to download a fully formatted Word version of your filled document for final editing or changes. You can also download a PDF at the same time, if you like having options.

Can I create a template out of a group of forms to use over and over for different clients?

Yes! We call these form sets. Clio Draft helps you save time by allowing you to create each form set in minutes and then use that set for any client in the future. You can create as many form sets as you want and each set can include all the forms you typically need for that type of filing.

What if people want to work remotely?

That’s the other benefit of a cloud-based platform. Since you can access Clio Draft from a browser on any computer, anyone with an account at your firm will be able to pick up right where they left off from anywhere. Plus because it’s cloud-based, Clio Draft works on both Windows and Mac computers!

Save time, avoid errors, and improve profitability

Create your firm’s documents faster with Clio Draft’s cloud-based platform.

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