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Case management software for personal injury firms

Centralize every case detail with the world’s most popular case management software.

Centralize your work, from intake to settlement
Easily track medical records, expenses, and liens
Get comprehensive settlement estimates

Case Management Software for Personal Injury Firms

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  • Drive the best outcomes for your firm, and clients

    As a personal injury firm, you have a lot on the go at any given time. Clio’s personal injury software simplifies how you manage every case detail so you can better support your clients, win their cases, and get them paid faster.

Personal injury software designed with your firm’s needs in mind

Built into the leading case management software, managing complex personal injury cases has never been easier.

  • Clio's Personal injury case management software | Medical Provider Details

    Manage medical records with ease

    Spend time resolving cases, not tracking down missing information. Organize medical records and bills by provider and easily track when you followed up.

  • Clio's Personal injury case management software | Settlement tracking

    Maximize your client's settlement

    Remove the need for manual calculations. With Clio’s settlement calculator, you can make quick and informed decisions during negotiations by running multiple scenarios.

  • Clio's Personal injury case management software | Adding a Medical Bill

    Pay out settlements faster

    Skip the delay of sifting through folders and spreadsheets. Simplify expense tracking for liens, damages, and fees so you can close cases faster and get your clients paid.

Don’t settle for less, for your clients or your software

  • Personal injury case management software by Clio | Laptop with X-ray

    Centralize every case detail

    Access every case detail at a glance by organizing medical records, damages, and settlements in one place.

  • Personal injury case management software by Clio | Settlement Illustration

    Work the way you want, and only pay for what you need

    Whether you serve one or multiple practice areas, Clio can meet your firm’s unique needs.

  • Personal injury case management software by Clio | Certification Illustration

    A secure, complaint way to handle medical records

    Protect sensitive client data by securely storing personal health information in compliance with HIPAA regulations.

Experience the future of personal injury software today

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