To Enhance Law Firm Data Security, the Experts Turn to Clio

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cyberSuite takes security seriously with Clio

James Cole is a computer scientist-turned-lawyer, which makes him the person most suited to his role as Senior Solicitor and Head of Product & Service Delivery at cyberSuite

The firm takes a unique approach to providing hands-on cyber security and data protection services to businesses. They provide expert legal counsel in addition to technical solutions that businesses need. 

With Clio, the firm has been able to build out the advisory and consulting aspects of their business, while also implementing industry-leading security—the type they provide for their clients—at their own firm. 

We provide services in cyber, privacy & data protection, and cyber insurance. We have a very niche offering that combines technical consulting with the legal component, giving clients a one-stop shop in a niche practice area.

How Clio set up cyberSuite with a secure ecosystem to manage all of their important apps

A growing challenge for any business is being able to work between different types of software while being able to keep information consistent and secure between platforms.

Clio provided cyberSuite with what they needed in a practice management software, which was a solution that integrated with their other software, helped manage important client and matter information, and introduced new efficiencies to their day-to-day work.

Clio had the easiest layout and the greatest number of integrations that allowed us to work more holistically in a single ecosystem rather than having to jump between a whole bunch of different platforms. It allowed for smoother operations across every aspect of our service delivery.

1. Managing client information more efficiently

James and his firm provide counsel on the unique cyber environments of their clients. Like all types of legal matters, this requires capturing and tracking a significant amount of very specific data for each client.

Clio helps cyberSuite track all of their client’s important information in unique data fields, called “custom fields.” Like the name suggests, these fields can be customised in Clio, making them fast and efficient to fill out. They can also be synced to an online intake form, which allows clients to essentially handle their own data entry.

The custom fields in Clio Manage have helped us capture and track a lot of very unique data types, particularly for things like cyber breach response.

2. Automated workflows for routine tasks

With so much of the firm’s client information captured in unique fields in Clio, this makes it incredibly easy to merge that data into templated documents.

We’ve taken advantage of the ability to template documents and draw in matter information directly through merge fields, which has allowed us to drastically cut down on manual processing of common terms, quoting, and generating our cost agreements. We can focus more on the substance of the content rather than the boilerplate aspects of it.

3. Secure client communications

As professionals who know the importance of cybersecurity, and what the best practices are on a highly technical level, the firm looked to Clio to enhance its own security practices with respect to sharing information with clients and co-counsel.

Clio provides a secure, protected environment that makes it incredibly easy to share and receive information online.

We’ve enhanced our own security by using things like the client portal and the co-counsel sharing capabilities.

4. Software integrations to connect important business solutions

cyberSuite uses several important business solutions—including Microsoft business products like Outlook and Teams, as well as others like InfoTrack and MailChimp—in its day-to-day operations.

Clio works as a platform to tie all of the firm’s information together, which saves the team having to store information in more than one place and avoids excess manual data entry and reduces the cyber security risk exposure.

Clio’s Desktop app also makes it incredibly easy for anyone on the team to upload files seamlessly from their computer to Clio for anyone else at the firm to access, edit, and share.

The integrations with Office and Windows allow us essentially to work almost 100% in the Clio ecosystem.

cyberSuite gets the most out of its legal software with Clio Manage and Clio Grow

The firm uses both Clio Manage and Clio Grow. Clio Manage keeps the firm efficient and on track by organising all of their casework, while also handling document management and all of their billing and collections workflows. Clio Grow helps manage the intake process and lead tracking for new clients coming to the firm.

Thanks for entrusting Clio with your practice, cyberSuite. We’re so excited to see where the future takes you!