From Scrappy Startup to Tech-Driven Success: How Briffa Achieved Greater Efficiency and Growth with Clio

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  • 1995

    Year Founded
  • 11-50

    Number of Staff
  • 2020

    Started Using Clio
  • Ireland

  • Fixed fee

    Fee Types
  • Intellectual Property Law (IP Law)

    Practice Areas

Agility and efficiency are crucial to the success of most law firms, but for Partner Éamon Chawke’s law firm, Briffa, staying up to speed with technology is a necessity rather than a bonus. 

Discover how Briffa, a tech-savvy law firm specialising in intellectual property law, leveraged Clio‘s innovative technology to enhance their operations, adapt to remote work, provide affordable legal services, and achieve significant growth.

“As our founder used to say, our purpose is to defend the acorns from the mighty oaks, because if you protect the acorn, it can—and will—become one of the mighty oaks.”

Why Briffa chose Clio

Founded in 1995, Briffa has always been at the forefront of adaptation and finding solutions. When the firm decided to improve its systems and drive growth in 2019, it recognised the need for an innovative, tech-forward solution. 

After researching 15 legal tech companies, Briffa chose Clio for its intuitive user experience, functionality, and compliance with regulatory obligations, as well as its recognition by the Law Society of England and Wales. 

“There are legal service providers that use technology, and then there are technology companies doing legal tech. There is a nuance difference.”

8 Ways Clio’s integrations, features, and support empower Briffa’s best work

Briffa has been a Clio customer since 2020, using Clio Grow for client intake and onboarding, as well as Clio Manage’s law practice management software. 

As a result, they can provide affordable legal services to their small business clients, expand their team, and grow as a business. In addition to Clio’s functionality, their support and customer service have also played a crucial role in powering the firm’s growth and success.

“Clio frees up our time for billable work and enables our people to do their best work.”

1. Forward-thinking law firms use technology to stay competitive 

When Briffa decided to adopt legal tech to help the firm grow in 2019, Clio was the firm’s first real investment in technology. “It showed us the value of investing in technology.”

By adopting Clio’s cloud-based technology in early 2020, Briffa seamlessly transitioned to remote work during lockdown. This allowed the firm to stay competitive in a rapidly changing legal landscape. The ability to work from anywhere empowered Briffa’s team to deliver exceptional service to clients, regardless of their location.

“Any law firm that thinks it can avoid technology now is fooling itself. It will be swallowed by competitors who are using technology better.”

2. Technology can increase access to justice

Briffa acknowledges the common barriers to accessing justice and believes that technology can help overcome them.

“Around 50% of the legal issues don’t get dealt with by lawyers. And some legal issues that could get addressed don’t,” because people feel like legal services aren’t within their reach. 

Whether due to cost or other challenges like language barriers, “There’s a whole section of the population that sees law firms or the law as inaccessible to them.”

By offering fixed fees and leveraging technology to streamline processes, Briffa aims to make legal services more accessible to a wider population. Through Clio’s client intake and onboarding software, Briffa has simplified the process for clients, making it easier for them to seek legal assistance.

“Helping smaller businesses that may have less access to law and other people matters.”

3. Clio’s cloud-based software makes remote work a reality

Clio’s cloud-based software enables Briffa to promote a hybrid working environment, giving employees the flexibility to work efficiently from anywhere. This flexibility not only improves work-life balance but also attracts new talent to the firm. 

With Clio, Briffa can seamlessly collaborate on cases, access client information, and manage their practice, regardless of their physical location.

“We try to facilitate flexible working, working from home, and working abroad as much as possible, and technology allows us to facilitate that.”

4. Integrations create efficient, streamlined workflows

Briffa utilises Clio Grow and Clio Manage together to eliminate duplicate tasks and data entry, saving time and effort. The integration capabilities with other key apps, such as QuickBooks, further streamline workflows and enhance client service. By automating administrative tasks and centralising information, Briffa’s team can focus on delivering high-quality legal services.

“That whole process makes everything way more efficient because previously, we would have been doing all of that twice,” Éamon says. 

“Clio’s integration capabilities with QuickBooks have streamlined our financial workflows, saving time,” says Williams Oladimeji, the firm’s Accounts Manager.

“Using the integration between Clio Manage and Clio Grow has made us much more efficient.”

5. Greater efficiency means more staff happiness—and less staff turnover

Clio’s efficient systems and workflows contribute to high staff satisfaction and low turnover rates at Briffa. The intuitive and modern user experience of Clio’s software allows solicitors and staff to do their best work, which means they attract and retain their top talent. With streamlined processes and reduced administrative burden, Briffa’s team can dedicate more time to client-focused work, leading to increased job satisfaction.

“The user experience is really important for tech-savvy users. You want to be able to work quickly, and with Clio, you can.”

6. A strong foundation for growth 

Since adopting Clio, Briffa has experienced significant growth in terms of headcount and revenue. They’ve doubled in size since Éamon joined the firm in 2015. Revenue-wise, the firm has also seen incredible growth, achieving its best year ever in 2023. 

Clio’s financial workflows have significantly increased efficiency, contributing to the firm’s growth. The ability to track targets, analyse financial data, and make informed decisions through Clio’s reporting functions has empowered Briffa to stay on track and drive further growth.

“I have found Clio to be an invaluable tool that has significantly increased our efficiency in billing and overall client service,” Williams says.

“Without Clio, we’d be a smaller firm—both in headcount and revenue.”

7. Strong customer service makes tech simple

Of course, even the best tools require training and support for users to use them fully. Briffa leveraged Clio’s responsive and comprehensive customer service and support. From prompt answers to training resources, Clio ensures that users can maximise the software’s capabilities and overcome any challenges they may face. The availability of training videos and helpful resources has enabled Briffa’s team to quickly adapt to Clio’s features and functionalities.

“When we raised questions about stuff, Clio was always responsive. We were always offered training, and there were many training videos,” Éamon says. 

Briffa also experienced Clio’s quick and crucial support when the firm encountered an urgent regulatory issue. 

“This complex issue was sorted out in six to eight weeks, which is quick in terms of time it takes to solve that kind of a problem. This was impressive responsiveness from a service provider.”

“Clio genuinely delivers on after-sales care. The help button is straightforward to use, and it’s really easy to email or call someone.”

8. Useful reporting and data insights

Clio’s law firm performance dashboard and reporting functions enable Briffa to stay on track with its targets and make informed decisions quickly. Customisable reports allow for in-depth analysis of financial data, contributing to the firm’s growth strategy. 

By leveraging Clio’s reporting capabilities, Briffa can identify trends, allocate resources effectively, and make data-driven decisions to drive further growth.

“Clio’s reports and the ease of creating customisable reports allow us to analyse financial data and make informed decisions quickly.”

With Clio, Briffa can continue to grow and stay ahead of the competition

Briffa’s partnership with Clio has been transformative, enabling them to achieve remarkable growth, enhance efficiency, and provide affordable legal services. By embracing technology and leveraging Clio’s integrations, features, and support, Briffa has positioned itself as a tech-savvy law firm ready to adapt to the evolving legal landscape and continue its impressive growth trajectory. 

With Clio’s cloud-based software, streamlined workflows, and comprehensive support, Briffa has unlocked greater efficiency, improved client service, and created a strong foundation for future growth.

As for his advice for others looking to use technology to grow their firms? Try Clio.

“If someone said they’re starting a legal business tomorrow and want it to be remote, agile, and flexible, I’d recommend using Clio.”

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