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  • Xero

    Xero is beautiful, easy-to-use online accounting software designed for businesses and their advisors. Xero uses the best of the web…

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  • Clio Outlook Add-in

    It’s never been easier to capture billable time and save emails to matters in Clio Manage from Microsoft Outlook. Clio’s…

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  • Microsoft Office 365

    Your essential business tools are better together.  Connect Clio Manage with the Microsoft Office 365 Business or Enterprise suite of…

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  • Sign with DocuSign logo Clio integration

    Sign with DocuSign

    DocuSign is the world's #1 e-Signature solution. With over 400,000 customers, hundreds of millions of users, and over 350 integrations,…

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  • Klyant

    Klyant is the most comprehensive standalone cloud based legal accounting application for European law firms. Klyant’s bespoke system removes the need…

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  • QuickBooks Online

    Eliminate the headaches of legal accounting. Clio and QuickBooks Online take the complexity out of legal accounting for lawyers and their…

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  • Scrive eSign

    Bridge the last gap to 100% paperless operations. Delight your customers and employees with a premium signing experience. Discover eSign…

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  • Jive Integration for Clio

    Jive is a VoIP company specializing in communication and collaboration over the internet, with both telephony and video conferencing solutions.…

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  • MagicTime for Clio

    MagicTime helps lawyers build their daily/ weekly timesheets automatically in the background and files it in Clio. It captures every…

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  • Faster Time

    Faster Time is the easiest and fastest way to accurately capture the time you spend working. Faster Time watches everything…

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  • Faster Suite

    Faster Suite is the #1 suite of apps for Clio. Combining document management, email management, and time management apps with…

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  • LexReception logo Clio Grow Integration

    LEXReception for Clio Manage

    LEXReception is a live, professional, boutique answering service focused on answering calls for small and medium sized law firms We…

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  • Mass Document Automation

    Mass Document Automation allows you to mass produce any number of documents for any number of clients and matters all…

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  • Faster Export

    Faster Export gives users access to developer-style Clio data that can be used in many different ways, including custom reporting.

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  • Faster Click-to-Call

    Faster Click-to-Call allows you to automatically execute a custom PowerShell script whenever a phone number link is clicked. This allows…

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  • Cloud Drive for Clio

    Cloud Drive for Clio is the easiest way to save and edit all your Clio documents. Manage Clio docs straight…

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  • Faster Compare

    Faster Compare lets you see changes in Word and Excel documents that are stored in Clio. Easily check who made…

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  • Faster Backup

    Faster Backup makes it super easy to download a backup of all of your Clio documents. Save the backup to…

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  • Move My Docs

    Move My Docs will help you move all of your files to Clio’s cloud in no time at all. You…

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  • Time Tracker for Clio

    Time Tracker for Clio is the easiest and most accurate way to accurately capture the time you work. Time Tracker…

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  • Clio Launcher

    Open, edit, create, and save documents directly from Clio in just a few clicks—no downloading and reuploading required. Stop toggling…

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  • Lawmatics

    Lawmatics is the first marketing automation, intake management and CRM platform specifically for law firms. Lawmatics automates the entire intake…

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  • Accounting Export

    Accounting Export allows you to export Clio time entries to other accounting systems such as Juris.

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  • Faster Mail

    Faster Mail is a smart and easy-to-use email filing add-on for Microsoft Outlook and Clio. Faster Mail can organize your…

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  • ScanSnap by Fujitsu

    Find out why Clio customers love the ScanSnap line of scanners so much! Fujitsu is dedicated to continuous innovation while…

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  • Amiqus ID

    What is Amiqus ID? Amiqus ID is an encrypted online tool for client-onboarding and transaction checks. It turns hours of…

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  • Box

    Box is a secure, cloud-based document management application that easily integrates with Clio. Box balances ease-of-use with a high level…

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  • NetDocuments

    The power and simplicity of NetDocuments is changing the way law firms work. You can now create, manage and collaborate…

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  • Dropbox

    One of the world’s most popular document storage applications, Dropbox lets you securely upload and share files with clients and…

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  • CloudMask

    CloudMask protects your data with End-to-End Encryption that does not get in the way of your business. Encrypt sensitive fields…

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  • Legaler

    Designed for the legal industry, Legaler provides a complete online meeting solution bringing all the tools you need to schedule,…

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  • Zapier logo


    Zapier allows anyone to create custom integrations and workflows—with no coding knowledge required. Zapier’s extensive library of Triggers, Searches, and…

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  • Alt Legal Logo - Clio Integration

    Alt Legal

    Alt Legal is a different kind of IP docketing software company. Developed by attorneys and IP paralegals, our award-winning software…

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  • Clocktimizer

    Clocktimizer's natural language processing algorithms read time card narratives to provide actionable insights on matter management, budgeting, pricing and firm…

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  • Chrometa

    Chrometa “Passive” Timekeeping

    Chrometa captures your time for you as you work on your PC, Mac, iPhone, and Android. No need to start…

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  • Bundledocs Clio Integration


    Take a load of documents directly from Clio or from anywhere. Bundledocs organizes them into a neat, numbered, sectioned booklet…

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  • InfoTrack

    With the integrated InfoTrack eFiling solution, you’ll be filing faster, easier and safer than ever before. Connect your Clio account…

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  • Faster Drive

    Faster Drive is the easiest way to work with all your Clio documents. Faster Drive lets you use Clio as…

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  • Just Click to File for Windows

    Efficient email and time management is a challenge. With the right tools, you can make that job easier. Click to…

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  • Click to File for Mac Mail

    Efficient email management is a challenge. With the right tools, you can make that job easier. Click to File for…

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