Business Law

As a lawyer that provides services to businesses, corporations, and organizations, your clients rely on you to provide peace of mind, expert advice, and assistance in navigating their day-to-day legal transactions and company growth. Give them your best with the help of Clio’s software.

Organize your client and company relationships

Keep client and company information in one place so you can instantly generate common documents, improve collaboration—and ultimately, offer a better client experience.

Clio Manage Matters Dashboard Simplified UI Legal Case Management Software for lawyers
  • Track company and employee data

    Keep a list of your contacts and business law clients in Clio. Connect employees to companies, and see all of the contact details, documents, notes, matters, and communications logs connected to each. Make sure no followup, detail, or interaction is missed.

  • Collect custom details and generate documents

    Use online intake forms to collect specific information you need to set up a business client profile. Reference this information in standardized forms that you can use to instantly prepare documents for your business law clients.

  • Use your favorite tools in one place

    Log emails directly to a client’s communication folder from Outlook or Gmail. Use a business-specific integration such as BigLegal or Dealcloser to improve processes like revising contracts and agreements.

Make the billing process a breeze

Use Clio’s business law software to streamline your time entry, legal billing, and payment processes. Spend less time trying to get paid, and more time on billable work.

  • Track every billable minute—from anywhere

    Add time entries from a timer, your mobile phone, or your inbox. Review calendar events, tasks, communication logs, notes, and documents for work that hasn’t been billed.

  • Increase your collection rate with custom billing plans

    Bill clients based on hourly rates or flat fees. Add custom payment terms, interest rates, discounts, and more. Make collecting fees and replenishing trust accounts easy with recurring credit card payments.

  • Get paid faster and collect more

    Offer a flexible payment option your clients want with our credit card processor, Clio Payments. Re-share bills for outstanding balances in one click, or schedule recurring payments to improve your collection rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Clio's law software built specifically for my practice area?

Although Clio Manage and Clio Grow may not be built specifically for different practice types, regardless of what practice area you’re in, lawyers like yourself have much to benefit from using legal practice management software like Clio. This is because with Clio, you can accomplish more—from one central place.

Not only will you be able to communicate effectively with clients from anywhere, Clio can also help keep your cases and documents organized. With Clio, you can do more billable work, take the guesswork out of business decisions, and deliver the service your clients want.

With Clio Grow, you can attract and retain new clients online—even while working remotely. Clio Grow lets you automate your client intake process, schedule consultations and accept payments online, and automate emails and redundant tasks.

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