New Product Features in Clio

  • Meet Clio Draft, formerly known as Lawyaw

    Meet Clio Draft, formerly known as Lawyaw

    Clio Draft helps legal professionals draft error-free legal documents in a fraction of the time. Turn Microsoft Word documents into reusable templates that you can automatically fill with case information. The best part? There’s no coding required.

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  • Medical Records & Settlement Management_NA_Personal Injury, medical records dashboard

    Drive personal injury cases forward

    Accelerate legal work by centralizing medical records, damages, and settlements alongside your matters. Clio helps you efficiently manage every case detail so you maximize your client’s settlement and close cases faster.

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  • Introducing Clio for Legal Aid

    Manage and report on every aspect of your grants, from eligibility screening to case resolution, all from within the leading case management software.

  • Tap to Pay + Invoice

    Make it easy accept in-person payments with tap to pay

    Clients simply hold their credit card, debit card, or digital wallet to your iPhone to pay–no terminal or extra hardware, no typing in information, and no follow-up.

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  • Skip delays in your intake process with automation

    Keep your intake process moving, from sending an intake form to booking an appointment. Automated workflows stay on top of next steps for you, so you can bring on new clients faster, and with less effort.

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  • Clio Drive Enhancements Animation

    Sort contact folders by last name in Clio drive

    Sort client folders by last name or first name effortlessly in Clio Drive, simplifying your document retrieval process. Additionally, configure your folder display limits, giving you control over the number of files visible per folder, tailored to support your device specifications.

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  • Grow Text Animation

    Intake clients faster with text messaging

    Send intake forms and e-signature requests by text. Potential clients can take action immediately and receive reminders on their phone so nothing slips through the cracks.

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  • Clio Matter Templates

    Accelerate matter creation with templates

    Create easy-to-use templates with preset information based on your firm’s needs, including practice area, case type, and more. Built specifically to save you time and improve consistency and accuracy of information across all your cases.

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  • Grow your firm with Google’s Local Services Ads

    Finding new clients is one of the biggest challenges facing lawyers today. Google’s Local Services Ads for Clio helps law firms attract highly-qualified leads by appearing when and where clients are searching.

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  • Document population

    Get more efficient with document population enhancements

    Experience efficiency with Lawyaw’s revamped document population process. Enjoy rapid document completion, transparent field tracking, and increased productivity. Benefit from enhanced visibility, simpler contact management, and intuitive navigation.

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  • Digital Wallets

    Get paid with digital wallets

    There’s a new way to get paid! Introducing digital wallets: A secure, convenient, and fast way to accept client payments online or in-person using Apple Pay or Google Pay.

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Popular product enhancements

Get your contacts in sync across Grow and Manage

Shared Contacts Illustration

Now, you can automatically sync your contacts across Clio Grow and Clio Manage, including contact name, email address, phone number, and address—with more coming soon!

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Track time in real-time, hands-free

Mobile App_Siri Start A Timer Simplified UI

Start and stop timers without interrupting your workflow using voice command. Say, “Siri, start a Clio timer” when you’re ready to start tracking your time, then “Siri, stop timer in Clio” to complete your time entry.

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Elevate your multitasking in Clio Manage

Clio Manage Contact Management Contact Quick View

The Quick View feature allows you to click on a contact to instantly see key details like name, email, and phone number without losing the context of your current task. Achieve a smoother, more efficient workflow in just one click.

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Share calendar events to the Clio for Clients Portal

Clio for Clients - Calendar Events

Help clients keep track of appointments and court dates with the new calendar view in the Clio for Clients portal. Clients will also receive an email notification—and optionally text reminders—to ensure they don’t forget about important dates, without you needing to check in.

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Offer Clio for Clients—in Spanish

Clio for Clients Spanish Simplified UI

Clients have the option to set their preferred language to either Spanish or English in the Clio for Clients mobile app, and when accessing Clio for Clients from a web browser.

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Do more with Clio’s mobile app

Document Scanner

Turn paper documents into PDFs with the new built-in scanner. You can also create and edit matters, as well as view bills on the go.

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Enhance your Clio Manage desktop app

Desktop App Preferences

Display limits in Clio Manage are now configurable. Choose from 1,000 to 5,000 folders per contact, and get easier access to your documents while improving the speed of Clio’s desktop app.

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Boost your document completion rates with Lawyaw

Simplified Product UI

Gain visibility into document completion with Lawyaw’s redesigned document population interface. Track outstanding fields and efficiently fill single or multiple documents with pre-saved contact and case information.

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Prevent costly no-shows with text reminders for consultations

Grow Scheduler + Text Reminder

Automatically send up to five text reminders in the weeks, days, and hours leading up to scheduled appointments with Clio Grow.

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Visualize your matters progress

Feature Animation Clio Manage Case Management

Track matters across stages on visual kanban-style boards to monitor progress at a glance and prevent bottlenecks by actioning matters that need attention.

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