Legal Document Management Software Keeps Your Firm Organized.

Web-based document management for lawyers.

Clio’s legal document management software creates an electronic filing system for your law firm to store, track, and manage all your legal documents—while keeping them linked to specific cases.

Adopt more paperless workflows to save space, reduce clutter, and avoid hands-on filing—while improving access, security, and compliance with professional requirements for long-term storage.

  • Get unlimited storage for any file type, including text, image, audio, and video.
  • Search an index of legal documents by title, or filter and sort them by category, author, and date within each of your matters.
  • Edit any file type with a single click in the editing software used by your firm.
  • Save updated documents to matter folders with an automatic sync, and track time-stamped versions and creators.
  • Access your documents from any computer or mobile device.
Legal document management software keeps files organized
Clio Legal Document Management Software: Create documents in seconds

Advanced document automation that saves you time.

Use document templates to assemble and prepare your most used or complex legal documents in seconds with a simple click. Advanced document automation uses conditional fields to pull information automatically from data stored in your case records.

  • Avoid cumbersome and repetitive tasks such as manually assembling and filing new legal documents with each new case and client.
  • Minimize data entry and avoid the risk of errors or missed information.
  • Save time and prepare documents with confidence.

Manage document access for better firm collaboration.

Give firm members, clients, and co-counsel electronic access to select documents at your firm, and make the task of document retrieval virtually obsolete. Instantly find case-specific contracts, pleadings, transcripts, memos, evidence, interviews, filings, and more.

  • Share case-specific documents with clients and co-counsel via secure client portal, so they can access what you share on their own at any time.
  • Set permissions to restrict access to documents within specific cases, so only authorized staff can see them within your system.
  • Track all document updates for better visibility and oversight.
  • Rest assured that all documents are automatically backed up across multiple server locations and can be bulk exported at any time.
Legal document being shared with law firm client
Clio Legal Document Management Software: Integrations

Manage legal documents across multiple software platforms.

Explore seamless integrations with other popular legal document management services to securely transfer data—keeping your law practice up to date at all times across all your essential software platforms.

  • Launch any document editing software directly from Clio documents—make the required changes and save updates to matter folders with an instant sync.
  • View, edit, and save documents directly to Dropbox, Box, Microsoft’s OneDrive, and Google Drive right from Clio.
  • Save emails and attachments from Microsoft Outlook or Google’s Gmail to specific matters in Clio.
  • Scan documents to individual folders in Clio using the Fujitsu ScanSnap document scanner.
  • Explore powerful document integrations at Clio’s App Directory.

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