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Medical record and settlement management

Clio is the ideal choice for personal injury firms looking to securely manage confidential medical information, settlements, and more.
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  • Drive the best outcomes with the leading case management software

    As a personal injury lawyer, you’re juggling a lot of moving parts at any given time. Clio’s personal injury case management software simplifies how you manage every case detail so you can focus on supporting your clients, maximizing their settlements, and closing their cases faster.

Personal injury software designed with your firm’s needs in mind

Built into the leading practice management software, managing the nuances of personal injury law has never been easier.

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    Manage medical records with ease

    Spend time on resolving cases, not tracking down medical records. Organize medical records and bills by provider and keep track of missing information, and when you followed up.
  • Clio's Personal injury case management software | Settlement tracking

    Maximize your client's settlement

    Remove the need for manual calculations. With Clio’s settlement calculator, you can make quick and informed decisions during negotiations by running multiple scenarios.

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    Pay out settlements faster

    Sifting through folders and spreadsheets can cause delays in case resolution. Simplify expense tracking for liens, damages, and fees so you can close cases faster and get your clients paid.

Don’t settle for less, for your clients or your software

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    Centralize your team, and your work

    Manage medical records, damages, and settlements all in one place, so you and your team can access every case detail at a glance.

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    Work the way you want, and only pay for what you need

    Whether you serve one or multiple practice areas, you can add Clio’s suite of personal injury features by user to meet your firm’s unique needs.

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    A secure, compliant way to handle medical records

    Protect sensitive client data by securely storing personal health information in compliance with HIPAA regulations.

What’s a settlement calculator?

A settlement calculator offers potential estimated amounts a defendant might offer to settle a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit. A settlement calculator will take into account any deductions including, medical and non-medical liens, expenses, and legal fees when calculating the final recovery.

How can I log settlements in Clio?

Clio allows you to enter medical bills and mark them as liens in the medical record tab. You can also add expenses as to the activities tab. Both of these touch points will automatically be pulled into your settlement calculator. To log a settlement, you can navigate to the settlement tab on the appropriate matter, Clio ‘New Recovery’ include a source, such as an insurance company, and add the recovery amount. You can choose to deduct your legal fee or waive it and click save. The settlement calculator will show you the total recovery, net amount to your client, as wells as any deductions. You can add additional expenses or liens and make reductions on medical liens in the settlement tab as well.

What are deducted calculations?

Deducted calculations are expenses and liens that are deducted from the final recovery amount of the proposed settlement.

What are gross calculations?

A gross calculation is the total recovery on a matter before deductions.

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