Clio—a solution for any legal practice

Whether you’re practicing family law, immigration law, or any other type of law, and whether you focus on one practice area or twelve—Clio has you covered. Create matter templates for the areas of law you practice in, track matter progress, and keep information organized and easily accessible for your clients.

Clio also offers more best-in-class integrations than any other legal software. Connect to the solutions you already use—or find new ones to help specialize your firm’s work for specific case types.

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Litigation Practice Areas

  • Administrative Law

    Collaborate and share information and documents with your co-counsels and clients, right in the cloud.

  • Civil Litigation Law

    Reduce the time-consuming elements of civil litigation with Clio’s simplified billing, calendaring, time tracking and more.

  • Bankruptcy Law

    Track creditors with custom details, share key documents with trustees, and stay on top of crucial dates with automated legal calendaring.

  • Criminal Law

    Work from the courthouse, office, or your home, and never miss a case detail or billable moment with Clio’s mobile app.

  • Employment Law

    With centralized matter management, document generation, and time tracking and billing, stay on top of your cases and clients.

  • Family Law

    Focus on your clients and stay on top of your firm operations with time tracking, calendaring, billing, and more.

  • Personal Injury Law

    Personal injury law software helps you stay on top of deadlines, organize documents, and build cases to get the best results for your personal injury clients.

Transactional Practice Areas

  • Business and Compliance

    With automated document creation and matter management, and integrated time tracking, calendaring, and billing, you can easily manage your firm and clients.

  • Elder Law

    Save time with a secure client portal that lets you share messages, matter information, and invoices with clients and caregivers.

  • Estate Planning Law

    Use integrated calendaring, online payments, and cloud-based document and matter management to make the legal process easier for you and your clients.

  • Immigration Law

    Easily collect information, generate documents, and store pertinent client information in the cloud.

  • Intellectual Property Law

    Use features like automated date calculation for the USPTO and the Patent Trial and Appeal Board to stay on top of deadlines, and use integrated legal research to streamline your IP practice.

  • Real Estate Law

    With trust accounting features that make escrow a breeze, and a simple workflow for tracking and sharing disclosures, Clio provides all your real estate law essentials.

More Practice Types

Clio scales to meet the needs of any practice area and firm size

  • Solo practitioners

    You’re not just practicing law—you’re running your own business. Put your people and practice first, and let Clio do the rest.

  • Small firms

    Focus on what you do best, and let Clio do the rest. Use an end-to-end software solution built for firms like yours.

  • Enterprise

    Connect your systems, teams, and clients together in one simplified legal workspace with Clio’s legal practice management software.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Clio's law software built specifically for my practice area?

Clio offers highly customizable features such as custom fields, document automation, and task lists that can be adapted to suit any practice area. Clio also supports a wide variety of fee structures and billing workflows. When you sign up for Clio, you’ll receive guidance from our team that will help your firm make use of these powerful features.

Although Clio Manage and Clio Grow may not be built specifically for different practice types, Clio gives you the flexible features and 24/5  support that you’ll need to practice the way you want. Regardless of what practice area you’re in, lawyers like yourself have much to benefit from using legal practice management software like Clio. This is because with Clio, you can accomplish more—from one central place.

Not only will you be able to communicate effectively with clients from anywhere, Clio can also help keep your cases and documents organized. With Clio, you can do more billable work, take the guesswork out of business decisions, and deliver the service your clients want.

With Clio Grow, you can attract and retain new clients online—even while working remotely. Clio Grow lets you automate your client intake process, schedule consultations and accept payments online, and automate emails and redundant tasks.

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