Bankruptcy Law Software

As a bankruptcy law attorney, it’s up to you to guide individuals and corporations through an important transition. Your ability to prepare a solid case and hit every deadline is directly linked to your ability to stay organized. Clio’s bankruptcy law software helps you stay on top of important details, generate documents,  stick to a winning process, and get paid for your work.

Keep track of every detail, deadline and document

Bankruptcy law lies in the details. Make sure you’re always on top of every single piece of information regarding a client and their case.

  • Track related contacts

    Know everyone you’re working with—judges, creditors, co-debtors, and trustees—by adding related contacts to every case.

  • Track specific client details

    Record details needed for your firm's day-to-day in custom contact data fields. Add custom fields for bankruptcy clients such as SSN, income figures, asset figures, and more.

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  • Save time on document management

    Use document automation to draft standard forms and motions. Spend less time on routine document management tasks, and more time on billable work.

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  • Make collaborating on documents easy for everyone

    Share legal documents with clients and co-counsel via Clio Connect, our secure client portal. Set permissions to authorize specific access at your firm.

Work in a way that’s easy for you—and easy on your clients

Stay connected to the office—and your clients—while you’re in and out of court.

  • Access everything from your phone

    Use Clio’s mobile app to access your cases, files, contacts, and more while you’re in and out of court.

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  • Keep your clients in the know

    Share case updates, changes, and more with your clients and other associated parties via our secure client portal. Create peace of mind for your clients during a potentially lengthy and emotional undertaking.

  • Stay organized

    Keep your case resolution processes in order with Clio’s task management software. Manage each step by status and owner: Upcoming, Overdue, and Completed tasks by User, Task Type, Client, and Matter.

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Improve your collection rate

Use Clio’s bankruptcy law software to make the collection process smoother for everyone.

  • Offer cost certainty to your clients

    Create customized billing plans. Bill clients based on hourly rates, flat fees, or on a contingency basis.

  • Accept trust deposits easily

    Accept upfront retainer pre-payments into trust, and transfer these payments into operating accounts in accordance with trust accounting guidelines. Use Clio Payments to protect IOLTA accounts from chargebacks in the event of a dispute.

  • Schedule recurring payment plans

    Set recurring payments based on what clients can afford, or arrange automatic top-ups for trust accounts. Improve your cash flow with payment plans you can set and forget.

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